Death also Became a Source of Famous | TikTok Show 2021

An application called Tik Tok, which was recently banned in Pakistan, was reopened after assurances from the company – through this application, ordinary people can create their own videos and share them on social media. And talented people using their creativity not only make a large number of followers but also make more and more money through their followers – but this race to make money has overtaken ethics. And people are using lousy tactics like announcing their false death to increase their followers which is less to be condemned – some tickers who have increased the number of their followers by announcing false death. Today we will tell you about the people who tried to .

The wife spread false news of her husband’s death

Death is a matter for which mocking is by no means a moral act and in our Eastern society it is highly inappropriate to make fun of the death of one’s husband just to gain followers. A few months ago, Tick Toker Adil Rajput who belonged to Rahim Yar Khan and he used to make videos with his wife from his TikTok ID and share them on social media and he had a large number of followers in this regard. But a few months ago, his wife shared a video from his ID in which she said that her husband had died in a road accident – such a young man would naturally watch this video out of sympathy for death. The show went viral and locals started coming to his house to offer condolences, where they found out that Adil Rajput was alive and his wife made this video just to gain followers, on which people took to social media. Was also severely criticized.

Use your death and spread the news

Another such incident took place in recent times with reference to another ticker named Naila Jutt and she shared a picture in which she is in a shroud and can be seen that she is dead Sharing this, people have demanded justice for Naila Jutt, calling Pakistan an unsafe place – which shows that someone has killed Naila Jutt and now they should be given justice.

This was followed by a video message from Naila Jutt in which she expressed her ignorance about the photo and announced that since her mobile phone had broken down, someone else had shared the photo and that They have nothing to do with.

But then an audio chat of his went viral in which he said, “Make a video, make a video, take advantage of my death. People die and I can die and come back to life.” Then he laughed. He also said that now it is time to run the trend.


Saifullah Aslam

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