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At least dozen Indian Muslims have been jailed in Harti for reportedly celebrating Pakistan’s victory in the October 24 T20 match between India and Pakistan.

After saying “We won” on his WhatsApp about Pakistan’s victory, a Muslim teacher from Rajasthan was jailed. In addition, he is said to have lost his job. Similarly, a Muslim woman working in a hospital in Kashmir was fired for allegedly using social media to express her excitement at Pakistan’s victory.

Seven persons were detained in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, including three Kashmiri students, for celebrating Pakistan’s victory. According to sources, the state’s Chief Minister indicated that a case of sedition has been filed against all of them, which carries a punishment of up to seven years in prison.
Former Supreme Court judge Deepak Gupta stated that celebrating Pakistan’s achievements is not “rebellion” and that believing otherwise is foolishness.

In the United Arab Emirates, the T20 Cricket World Cup is presently underway. The Indian government does not allow its team to play in Pakistan due to the two nations’ poor relations. The two sides had not played each other in eight years, and for the first time in a long time, they met, with Pakistan winning the match.

Some Muslims in India were pleased with Pakistan’s victory in the match on October 24. This display of glee was considered anti-patriotic in India. Nafisa Azari, a Muslim teacher from Udaipur, Rajasthan, was detained on October 27. She worked at a private school. He was dismissed and eventually arrested after celebrating Pakistan’s victory on WhatsApp.
Seven persons were arrested in Uttar Pradesh on the same day for the same crime. The arrests were described as “anti-national elements” by Uttar Pradesh police on Twitter. Due to his statements, he used vulgar language against the Indian cricket team and broke public order.
Under India’s Information Act, Kashmiri students are reported to have been charged with cyber-terrorism. Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has stated that anybody in India who celebrates the Pakistani cricket team’s victory would be severely punished and charged with sedition.

The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association’s national spokesman, Nasir Khawaihami, told VOA that Kashmiri students had been exposed to violent attacks in numerous Indian states. Students in Agra were subjected to a great deal of harassment, and the accusations leveled against them were absolutely false. He claimed that as they were being brought before the court, Hindu extreme organizations beat Kashmiri boys in the presence of police. Many Agra lawyers have declared that they will not pursue the case of the students. The three Kashmiri students’ parents have appealed to the Uttar Pradesh government for mercy.

Former Supreme Court Judge Gupta stated in a television interview that while cheering the Pakistani team’s victory is offensive and foolish, it is not illegal. It’s not even close to becoming illegal. It doesn’t have to be a crime or illegal conduct for anything to be excellent or terrible.

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