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There is really no other country like the United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi ranked second, Dubai sixth and Sharjah seventh among the safest cities in the world

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates is an ideal place for employment and tourism, who do not have a decent income in their home country, all their financial worries come to an end in the UAE. ۔ That is why millions of people from all over the world have made this country their home. The UAE is a great country because of its housing, facilities, law enforcement and low crime rate.
The UAE has received another award. Three of the 10 safest cities in the world are in the UAE. No other country in the world has been awarded this honor. The new Global Crime Index ranks Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi among the ten safest cities in the world.

The UAE is ranked third overall in this index of safe countries with 84.55 points.

Abu Dhabi is the second most populous city in the world with 88.44 points, followed by Dubai with 83.01 points and Sharjah with 82.71 points. The UAE is ranked 24th out of 200 countries. The top 10 cities with the lowest crime rates in the world are Taiwan, Quebec (Canada), Zurich (Switzerland), Munich (Germany) and Eski کمehir (Turkey).
The most dangerous cities in the world are Caracas (Venezuela). Other most dangerous cities are Pretoria (South Africa), San Pedro Sola (Honduras), Port Mores Bay (Papua New Guinea) and Peter Maritzburg (South). Africa). In the list of safest countries, Taiwan has been given 84.74 points, Georgia 79.5 points, Oman 79.38 points and Hong Kong 79.09 points. Japan, Switzerland and Slovenia are also listed as the safest countries.


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