Tik Tok | Videos | Will Stop in Pakistan Or Not? | Instructions for Issuing Details

The PIC sought details from the PTA regarding the meeting to ban Tik Tok.

According to details, the Pakistan Information Commission has directed the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to provide the minutes and details of the meeting regarding the ban on Tik Tok.

Commissioner Zahid Abdullah issued the order on the complaint filed by Nadeem Omar, who had sought information from the PTA regarding the ban on Tik Tok in Pakistan.

However, in view of the application, the PIC directed the PTA to provide the applicant with the details of the ban on Tik Tok and the minutes of the meeting within 10 days.

“The PTA is guided to provide the claimant (Nadeem Omar) with the required information, the total number of complaints received against Tik Tok by province and district,” specified the notice. ۔

The order also includes copies of letters and emails sent by the Telecom Regulator PTA to the Tik Tok Administration, copies of letters and emails received from the Tik Tok Administration and copies of the minutes and notices of the meeting. The PTA had decided to ban social media platforms.

The Chinese company-owned Tik Tok app was banned in October after the PTA issued several warnings against alleged ‘immoral content’, while the PTA later issued terms and warnings. With Tik Tok was revived in Pakistan once again.

 It wouldn’t be false to say the famous social media app among young people was a stir worldwide, including Pakistan.
Tik Tok Toe provided an opportunity to showcase its talents to countless people who probably didn’t even know it, and many of them became overnight stars, and Those that had ignored them previously had to be paying attention in the media. He was invited to perform outside the country. But with Pakistani youth growing famous, controversy erupted over it, leading to warnings and bans.


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