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Media briefing of Federal Minister Asad Omar: “In the last election, 20 members of the Assembly were expelled from the party. They will still be expelled. The decision of the Supreme Court regarding the Senate election will be final”.

Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar has said that he will take money in the current election, will dismiss him, in the last election 20 members of the Assembly were expelled, the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the Senate election will be final, bodies are sold in rooms, here conscience Sell.

 All avenues have been taken to stop this heinous act. Members of the Assembly are free to vote. Members had voted against the Chairman of the Senate on no-confidence.

After the meeting of the Federal Cabinet, Federal Minister Asad Umar and Information Minister Shibli were briefing the media. Asad Umar said that they were receiving cash to sell votes in the video. Are sold.

 But when we see such a scene with our own eyes, it is a heartbreaking event for a person with a conscience. That is why we want the Senate election to be held with an open ballot. Yes, the moral strength of the people sitting in Parliament is the strength of democracy.

Don’t listen to PTI, just look at the statements of the parties within the PDM, how does the Senate election start bidding? PPP and PML-N have chartered a democracy that the Senate elections will be held by open ballot. Imran Khan’s Senate The idea of ​​holding elections is far from cricket when Imran Khan played against the West Indies with a neutral empire.

He said that the bill for the amendment was introduced in the parliament, the time of senate election was near so ordinances have been brought, similarly, the reference of holding senate election by open ballot is under hearing in the court, interpretation of the constitution is the job of Supreme Court Will the court accept any decision of the Senate on the election?

Our nation was promised to stop the heinous business within the constitution, to cell bodies in rooms, to sell conscience here, PTI and allied parties took all possible means to stop this process.

Members of the Assembly are free to vote, members should vote openly according to conscience, in the last election some members of the Assembly sold votes for money, money can be seen counting.


Saifullah Aslam

Owner & Founder of Sayf Jee Website

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