The country’s sugar stock is only four days old

All Pakistan Sugar Mills Association has warned the government that the stock of sugar in the country is only four days left, no sugar has been stockpiled and sugar is not available. ۔ According to details, the spokesperson of All Pakistan Sugar Mills Association said that they want to work with the government to end the sugar crisis. There is no stockpiling of sugar and sugar is not available. Would have
The government and its policies are responsible for the current sugar crisis. Instead of importing sugar in time, the government also canceled three tenders for imported sugar.

There are currently problems starting new crushing. The Prime Minister should meet the Sugar Mills Association to sort out the issues. The Cane Commissioner in Punjab has not given clearance to the Sugar Mills, while the banks are not giving working capital. How will the crushing start again in these circumstances? Addressing the conference, he said that the increase in the price of sugar was due to the stay of sugar mill owners. There is a stock of sugar for 22 days.

The prices of essential commodities in Karachi are higher than all other cities, 9,000 tons of sugar industry and 6,000 tons of Chinese people need, most of the sugar mills belong to Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari, 90,000 tons of sugar is currently lying with the private sector. Yes, we had fixed the price of sugar at Rs. 90 per kg.

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