Moon Will Hit the Earth | All Things Will Start Flying East

This universe is much wider than we think and our solar system is a small part in which our earth revolves around the sun. And this rotation causes day and night as well as the change of seasons.

According to scientists, the earth revolves around the sun at a speed of 1670 kilometers per hour, but we do not feel this speed. This cycle has been going on for centuries and will continue until the Day of Judgment.

But scientists have run the gamut of ideas and research to find out what effect this could have on the earth and its inhabitants if it suddenly stopped or stopped rotating. Some of these effects may be as follows:

Everything Will Start Flying East:

According to NASA scientists, if for some reason the Earth suddenly stops moving, all the objects on Earth that are accustomed to this rapid movement of the Earth will start flying east at a speed of 1600 kilometers per hour according to the law of stagnation. ۔ The whole earth system will be turned upside down.

Tsunami Risk:

Ocean waves and water are limited to the ocean due to the rotation of the earth. But if the rotation of the earth stops, it will also release the water into the ocean, which will create big waves. These waves could cause a tsunami and submerge the entire land.

Strong Wind Storm:

If the rotation of the earth stops, just as the seawater will be released, so will the air be released, according to scientists, and will start moving at a speed of 1100 kilometers per hour. Will not give and everything will start flying with the whirlwinds of wind.

There Will Be Earthquakes:

The rotation of the earth and its gravity force the objects inside the earth to remain closed inside, but if this rotation ceases, everything inside the earth will begin to move – the lava in the earth’s crust will boil. It will strike and push out of the earth’s surface, which will cause earthquakes.

The Season Will Be Over:

The existence of day and night inside the earth and the change of seasons is possible only because of its rotation. If the rotation of the earth stops, the change of seasons will also stop. It will get very cold and all life will end because of this extreme weather.

The Moon Will Break From The Earth:

The moon is revolving around its axis around the earth. If the earth stops rotating then the axis of the moon will also start getting smaller and with time it will start getting closer to the earth and there will come a time when it will Will hit the ground.

After reading all these investigations, it seems that this is the resurrection.


Saifullah Aslam

Owner & Founder of Sayf Jee Website

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