What is the Reality Behind the Life of the Rich? Know

There are three types of people in society, one is rich, the other is poor and the third is the one who is between the two. They are fighting to get out of poverty and trying to enter the ranks of the rich. There is usually a wall between the rich and other classes that hide their lives from the common people.

Ideas in the Minds of Ordinary People About Rich People:

 Because rich people have very limited access to other classes, they form some self-made ideas in their hearts with reference to them, which are passed on from one person to another.

The Children of the Rich Will Also Be Rich :

Man earns only for his children, so he tries to educate and train his children to a place where they can be richer than him.

People think that if someone is rich, this chain of his empire will continue from generation to generation and his children will multiply this money – but according to research, this theory is wrong because 70 percent of the wealth of a hundred people is not passed on to the next generation.

Sometimes it is due to luck and sometimes the next generation is not able to handle this money so the next generation of 70% of the families cannot maintain the empire and join the ranks of the common people.

The Cause of the Emirate is Heredity :

Most people think that the wealth they get from their ancestors is the cause of the wealth of the rich.

According to a survey, 70% of the richest people in the world today are those who started their lives in extreme poverty and have become richer over time. 

Why Does the Rich Need to Work? :

When the poor work in the scorching sun from morning to evening and lie down on their beds at night thinking that the rich have luxuries, sit in cold rooms, eat delicious food, what do they need to work?

The reality is quite different if a poor man works from morning to evening, the working time of a rich man is much longer than that, and according to a conservative estimate, if a poor man works fifty hours a week If so, the working hours of a rich man in a week can be from sixty to seventy hours, which is much longer than that of a poor man. 

Rich People Are Not in Debt :

Looking at the seemingly luxurious, expensive car, big bungalow, and expensive clothes, the poor rich think that they will have no shortage of money nor will they be able to borrow from anyone on the last days of the month. Will be needed According to economists; rich people borrow the most and their check bounce rate is much higher than that of the poor. There are even many rich people who seem to be rich but are bankrupt. Has even announced the auction of their properties. 

Rich People Are Very Educated :

Looking at the upbringing and manners of rich people, everyone thinks that they are very educated and they must have studied inexpensive educational institutions and their children are also getting higher education – but We all have the example of Bill Gates, who is not a graduate of any major university, yet he is one of the richest people in the world. 

Rich People Live Happily Ever After :

Lack of money is the cause of big quarrels in the homes of ordinary people while this is not the case in rich families. Therefore, people have the impression that rich people do not face financial problems because of this. Because their life is full of happiness – but happiness is not a blessing bought with money. The problems and worries of the life of the rich are separated from what causes them trouble. 

Remember that the rich are human beings just like the common people and Allah Almighty has created the system of this earth in such a way that Allah has placed the distribution of every blessing in the world in His hands.

For this reason, even the rich are human beings, they can also suffer from all the problems that an ordinary human being has to face. 


Saifullah Aslam

Owner & Founder of Sayf Jee Website

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