Corona: Scientists Have Declared The Infrared Thermometer Ineffective

Scientists and medical experts have said that the infrared thermometer used to check body temperature is not effective in the era of corona virus, which has been declared a global epidemic.

The Indian News Agency quoted research at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the University of Maryland School of Medicine as saying that the infrared thermometer widely used during the Corona epidemic was not effective. That’s right, and it needs to stop there.

Questions about the effectiveness of infrared thermometers were raised when US agencies advised people to check their temperature with a thermometer and consult their doctor, according to an article published in the Open Forum Infectious Diseases. Do

According to the news agency, the eminent scientist William Wright said that when the temperature of 46,000 people at American airports was checked with an infrared thermometer, the corona test of one person came positive.

The US Department of Health’s November 2020 report said that between January and September 2020, the infrared thermometer checked the temperature of 766,000 passengers, while only one in 85,000 later tested positive for corona. came.

According to the news agency, William Wright’s statement is also confirmed by the report of the US Department of Health.

Correspondent Hum News Tariq Malik passed away due to corona

American scientist William Wright says that this thermometer cannot be used to determine whether someone has a fever or not.


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