Prime Minister, The cheapest petrol and diesel is in Pakistan today

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that today, Pakistan has the cheapest petrol and diesel, with petrol in India costing Rs 250 and in Bangladesh costing Rs 200. He added that it is a difficult time and that his government is doing everything possible to protect his people from inflation.

According to reports, Prime Minister Imran Khan thanked Usman Bazdar and Yasmeen Rashid for the project while speaking to a crowd in Attock, adding that maternal and child hospitals are always needed in remote areas.

Pakistan has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the world, according to Imran Khan, and it would be a shame if the government could not provide treatment. He announced that the government is currently constructing five mother and child hospitals, with a higher percentage in two years.

According to the Prime Minister, one of the government’s top priorities is how people remember the five-year period. Only a few communities were given the chance to take part in the construction.
He said that every three years he hears the same thing about where the new Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is. He said that 30 years ago, we were at the forefront of the subcontinent, but within 30 years, two families ruled, and Pakistan fell behind. Unfortunately, in those 30 years, East Pakistan became Bangladesh in front of us, and Bangladesh has also gone ahead of us in the last 30 years.

Imran Khan commented on the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, saying that if our government came to KP, it had been repeatedly stated that a new KP would be formed. In 2018, the same KP gave the PTI a two-thirds majority. From 2013 to 2018, when poverty in KP was rapidly declining, ordinary people’s lives improved during our time there.

In response to the Chief Minister of Punjab’s criticism, the Prime Minister said, “If people criticize Usman Bazdar, let him say one thing: Usman Bazdar came with a 5-year mandate, not a 2-year mandate; look at our performance after 5-years.”

Inshallah, ten dams will be built in ten years, there will be a water shortage due to climate change, and a government will consider the next generation for the first time in 50 years.
Imran Khan stated that long-term planning is taking place in the country for the first time, that the economy is growing, that the country’s wealth is increasing due to increased exports, and that for the first time, we are providing investment opportunities to overseas Pakistanis and accepting overseas Pakistani money. Will arrive, and the country’s wealth will rise.

When it comes to health care, the Prime Minister says that no one ever imagined that all citizens would have access to it; even in England and Australia, not every citizen has access to a health facility. Punjab has spent Rs 330 billion on health cards in just three years. Every citizen in KP has a health card. By March, inshallah, all Punjabi families will be covered by health insurance.

He claimed that because cancer treatment is so costly, Shaukat Khanum built a hospital. When a family member becomes ill, it is the most painful experience. Families with incomes above the poverty line are more likely to contract the disease.

Imran Khan went on to say that it is more than a health care; doctors want us to work in cities and not in villages; now, people from the private sector will go to villages and build hospitals; and the government will make private sector hospitals cheaper. Will provide land for the hospital and allow duty-free equipment.

In terms of inflation, the Prime Minister stated that there is currently a global problem with inflation and that a major crisis like Corona has never occurred in the last 100 years, with people locking down to avoid Corona, trade being disrupted, and gas prices initially falling. It has now risen to between 45 and 85 dollars per barrel. The price of gasoline and oil initially fell, but it has since doubled.
He claimed that global freight has increased by 350%, that supply has been shortened, and that trade has been harmed. You attempted to protect your people from inflation.

Imran Khan commented on the rise in petroleum product prices, saying that while petrol costs Rs 250 in India, Rs 200 in Bangladesh, and Rs 146 in Pakistan, Pakistan currently has the cheapest petrol and diesel. Yes, after Corona, the world is becoming more open. Prices, hopefully, will drop again.
The Prime Minister stated that the Ehsas package has been announced and that under it, 130 million people will receive a 30% discount on flour, ghee, and pulses. The province and the federation have provided this package to the people.

He stated that the successful Pakistan program will provide interest-free loans to 2 million households, house construction, small business, skills training program, small farmer will receive a loan, the successful youth program is already providing loans to youth, and that the successful youth program will go to every house. The survey was conducted to ensure that deserving individuals were not excluded from the program.

Imran Khan commented on the rise in sugar prices, saying that the price of sugar in Pakistan has suddenly risen to Rs 140. Three sugar mills have reportedly closed in Sindh, and the price of sugar has risen to Rs 140 per kilogram.

Sugar mills began stockpiling in Punjab after Sindh, according to the Prime Minister. Sugar was stolen and sold, according to the Sugar Commission report, and the sugar mills had obtained a stay order in violation of the law. Terminate the stay order immediately and take action on the matter.

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