What is Metaverse? Will this be the future of the Internet?

American technology company Facebook has announced that it is going to hire 10,000 people in Europe to develop Metaverse. It’s a concept that people are talking about as the future of the Internet, but what is it?

This may sound like a soup-up version of virtual reality, but some people believe that Metaverse could be the future of the Internet. In fact, VR is just like the invention of the modern smartphone in the 1980s, the first mobile phone.
Instead of being confined to a computer, Metaverse allows you to visit a virtual world that connects many digital locations and gives the impression of being in the real world. It will have a transcendental and infinite sense of social life.
This virtual environment, unlike present VR, which is mostly used for gaming, may be used for almost anything. It can be used for work, sports, concerts, the movies, or simply to view the sights.

Metaverse has caught the interest of wealthy investors and large IT corporations, and no one wants to be left behind if it proves to be the internet’s future. There’s also the fact that this is the first time the technology has been brought to the fore. This may be needed with the development of VR gaming and connectivity.

One of Facebook’s top priorities is the development of Metaverse. It has made significant investments in virtual reality, making it less expensive than its competitors. This, according to some analysts, may be hazardous.
It also develops virtual reality software for social gatherings and business. Despite a history of buying competitors, Facebook claims that Metaverse will not build a company overnight and has promised to cooperate.

It recently invested 50 million in funding nonprofit groups to help build Metaverse responsibly, but the real Metaverse idea will take another 10 to 15 years.


Saifullah Aslam

Owner & Founder of Sayf Jee Website

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