How To Do SEO of WordPress Website

SEO is a need for every person now a day. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is shifting to digital media to sell his products or services. This article is for those people who have misconceptions about what is SEO? How do to SEO of WordPress website? After reading the entire article, you would get all the answers to these questions. So, let’s begin the fun!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a set of methods, techniques, tactics, and strategies that works to rank your website on the top page of search engine ranking pages. It is all about optimizing a website and content on the website to get higher rankings in SERPs. Moreover, some other factors, such as user engagements, less bounce rate, and use of infographics, always strengthen your SEO methods.

How to do SEO of WordPress website? SEO can be a difficult task for beginners. No worries! We are providing a step-by-step guide that will boost your website ranking fast! You need to read all these steps and implement them on your WordPress website. Let’s start optimizing your website!

1. Check Your Site’s Visibility Settings

There is a built-in option in WordPress to hide your Site from the search engine. The purpose behind the option is to keep your website private until you make it stunning and content-rich. If this option remains checked, then your website will be unavailable in search engine results. If your site is not showing its presence in search results, ensure whether this option is checked or not if your Site is not coming in search results.

The procedure to check this option is very straightforward!

  • Log in to Admin Dashboard
  • Go to Setting > Reading
  • After click on the Reading button, you will get an option like Search Engine Visibility on the right side window.
  • Uncheck the box to make your website available on search engine results
  • Click on the Save Changes

2. Set SEO Optimized URL Structure

URL Structure is essential for your website ranking fast. It should be SEO optimized to get fast rankings! SEO optimized URL includes such words that explain the entire content of the page. If your page URL is fully optimized, then the Search Engine will quickly recognize which topic is discussed inside the page.

To make sense more precise, we are providing some examples of some SEO friendly URL:

As you can see, this URL text is pretending the topic, and the reader can easily guess that what he is going to read.

SEO optimized Permalink structure also increases the possibility of getting top rankings! Now we are going to discuss how to check and update the website’s permalink structure? Simple steps, Fast Rankings!

  • Log in to Admin Dashboard
  • Go to Settings > Permalinks
  • Select the Post Name and Save Changes!

If your website is six or more months old, you can update only if you are using a number option before. If you are using month and name or day and name, then no need to update the permalink structure. Changing the permalink structure of an already established website can lose your rankings, and social media share counts.

If you need to change the structure after the website establishment, you can hire a professional in this field, but you will still lose social signals.

3. Choose A Subdomain If Suits You!

You should choose whether to use non-www or www URL before starting a website. Search Engine takes them as different websites, so you need to go with one of them. Following these steps to set the URLs:

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • You will see two options in the right side window as Wordpress Adress (URL) and Site Address (URL)
  • Fill the fields with URLs of your website.

4. Choose The Best WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress offers thousands of free and premium plugins that make it difficult for beginners to find which one is best for their website. Plugins are like an app that helps to get rankings. The procedure to install plugins is straightforward.

  • Go to Plugins > Add New. After clicking this option, a window will open with a lot of plugins.
  • You will get a search field on the top right corner. Search any plugin you need.
  • After finding the search results, you need to install the plugin.
  • When it ends installing, you will get the Activate button.
  • Click on the Activate button.

Which plugin is best for the website? Yoast, Rank Math, and All in SEO Pack are the best SEO plugins for your WordPress site. As a beginner, we recommend using Yoast SEO, but it’s totally up to you! Use them without paying! Why are you waiting? Go and explore the fun!

5. Add Your Website to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a vital tool for any website. It is also named as Webmaster tool that is offered by Google. As a website owner, you can check in detail the progress of your website. It provides data and reports to understand how many people click to your page, from which location your page is getting more traffic, how your pages appear in search engine results, and so many other things!

6. Use SSL Certificates (HTTPS)

Finally, one pro tip for you is compulsory to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. No only for on-page SEO but it improve your rank also. Some website owners / managers not focus on this minor step but they don’t know the features of https. You can not run eCommerce website without SSL certificates because payments gateway required a secure amount transaction. Google also recommend to use this for encrypt your site data that prevent from stealing or hacking user’s accounts and ATM cards information. Some hosting providers offering hosting with free SSLs and else one is giving you to purchase this additional service.

This information will let you see your progress, and you can set your next strategy accordingly. Google search console alerts you if your Site has some errors such as recognizing duplicate content, crawlers cannot access the pages, etc. We strongly recommend our visitors that they should add sites for a better experience of their strategies!


We hope this article will be beneficial you. We tried to provide with a lot of information about how to do SEO of WordPress website. In this article, we have discussed each step in-depth. Let us know if you are facing any issue regarding how to do SEO. We will get back to you with advance, unique, and useful ideas. Thanks for reading!


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