Apple is expected to reduce iPhone 13 production by up to 10 million units

Apple’s iPhone 13 production is likely to be reduced.

By as many as 10 million units due to global chip shortage reports say the company is expected to produce 90 million units of new iPhone models by end of this year.

Because chip suppliers such as Broadcom and Texas Instruments are struggling to deliver components, Apple told its manufacturers and component makers that the number of units produced would be lower. Apple forecasted slower revenue growth in July, citing a chip shortage as a factor limiting its ability to sell macs.

Texas Instruments also offered a low revenue projection for the rest of the year, indicating on-chip supply issues for the rest of the year. The chip shortage has put great pressure on the industry.

Ranging from automobiles to electronics leading many automakers to temporarily suspend production with its massive purchasing power and chip vendors’ long-term supply agreements Apple has fared better than many other countries during the supply shortage, prompting several analysts to predict that the iPhone 13 models announced in September would have a good sales year as people sought to replace their smartphones.


Saifullah Aslam

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