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The dazzling brilliance of the present civilization is blindly imitating the West of the present civilization.

Today, Happy New Year’s fashion is growing day by day.

In terms of the solar calendar, we will step into 2021 as soon as the month of January begins. On this occasion, the youth seem to be a little more enthusiastic. On the other hand, a solemn celebration is organized.

Non-Muslims around the world are preparing vigorously to celebrate the New Year, but to what extent are Muslim youth moving?

They are deviating from their traditions by blindly imitating the West.

Now the question arises whether non-Muslims have ever celebrated Muslim festivals with such enthusiasm? It has never happened and it has fallen very rarely but as the preparations for the New Year celebrations in our country continue on the rise.

Many plans have been made. Dance and celebration parties are arranged, invitations are arranged and congratulatory messages are exchanged.

After all, everyone welcomes the new year in their own way.

Billions of rupees will be wasted if these wasteful expenditures are added then one wonders where the life, wealth and time of the Ummah is being wasted ․․․․․ !! If these people celebrating the New Year call themselves Muslims It should be noted that the day of the Muslims begins with the setting of the sun and the beginning of the night.

This is the time when the crescent is seen.

These people should be asked whether these people do not fast in Ramadan according to the same statistics and do not celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. What lessons are they teaching to their future generations by blabbering on like crazy?

Someone may ask them what they are happy with. Today’s youth wants to ask what is wrong with celebrating non-Muslim festivals.

Listen Muslims, O servants of Allah, the New Year is also one of the false beliefs, ideologies and festivals of the Christian nations.

After going through various changes and stages, the New Year festival has finally become a global buzz today.

The original Roman calendar consisted of 304 days. According to some historians, in 713 BC, King Neuma pompelis added two more months to the calendar.

It has been a tradition since 153 BC that on January 1, government officials were appointed to look after the consular cities, and this appointment was considered the most important feature of the administration.

Why this day was chosen for appointments. In this regard, historians say that the word January is related to the Roman word genus, which was considered by the Romans to be the god of beginning and change and hence the name of January. The first date of the month has been chosen for the beginning of the year, although some changes have been made to the calendar since then, but the new year still begins on January 1.

The current January is attributed to the Roman god Janice, so this celebration was held only for the new year Janice god, known today as a Happy New Year. We still need something and arguments. Do we still need it? The blindfolds of the youth have not gone away even though according to their calculations, but today one year of their life has been reduced and these steps have been taken further towards the Hereafter. Do they not know this? The answer is no, if you ask them.

Despite knowing all these idols well, they are blindfolded which does not allow them to see anything else. This is the moment of concern!

The finish of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. If these young people are asked if they know what an immigrant year it is, most people will answer in the affirmative or in the negative.

One thing that is beyond comprehension is that there is a gap of only one second between 11:59 pm and 12 noon.

The question arises as to what strange change takes place in this new hour that we lose our senses. Does our pure traditions, religious teachings and clean civilization allow us to celebrate the New Year? Welcome in the same way? Of course not. This behavior of ours is not at all in line with our teachings and our traditions and values.

As Muslims, we have to recognize our traditions and values. Before starting any work, it is part of our religious teachings to bow down before our real Creator. Why doesn’t our mind go towards the welfare of the people? They do not take good steps because it is the first day of the year. They only do good deeds so that the whole year will be full of good deeds.

The main and main reason for the blind imitation of foreign culture and western culture is our lack of self-consciousness. The apologetic attitude towards the pure and pure tradition of Waqdar and the pride of the wayward thinking is in fact the result of our thinking which the people of pain have called slavery.

Some of today’s materialistic, sensible secular type of Muslims are dripping with saliva on this civilization. Whether the new year is lunar or solar, it should start with one’s personal reckoning. We must stand in the year that has passed.

What did it lose and what did it gain? The mistakes we made. Start this new year with a new enthusiasm. Carry out all your responsibilities with complete honesty.

Take care of the rights of the people living in the society. In the same way we can start the new year and hope for positive and constructive results. So Islam considers them primarily null and void. If Islam did not encourage idleness in solitude, how can it do so in a function, even if the function is religious.

However, the celebration of New Year has been gaining momentum in our country for the last several years. It is very important to pay attention to its negative aspects, otherwise it will not take long to dig into our traditions and identities.

There is an urgent need to promote our religious and national traditions by completely boycotting Western civilization so that we can leave a clean and pure society for our future generations in which the reflection of our pure and clean culture is fully reflected.

The individual is connected to the nation, not alone,
There is a wave in the river, nothing outside the river.

New Year Message

We must protect the lives of our children and protect their dignity. We have to improve our education system, we have to value the sacrifices of our forces on every front.

Happy New Year to you all. May God fill your cradle with joy and happiness and bless all of you with age, health and sustenance and grant us all the strength to be accountable and walk on the straight path.

 Yesterday, I came across a very good advice from Hazrat Ali (as) in which he addressed the believers and said, “Always pray for a long life, because not a moment before death after death. It is better than a thousand months.” A wise and deep advice is given in which the Muslim Ummah not only overshadows the wealth of guidance, but also covers the light of life.

Just think carefully what a Muslim wants other than the pleasure, guidance and forgiveness of this Lord, the importance of this one moment that Hazrat Ali has mentioned is even more important because life In this last moment, which is before death, if a person repents of his sins before the mercy of his Lord, then that last moment can be a source of salvation for man, but also an hour of forgiveness in the thousands of years after death. There will be no destiny that can be the source of man’s salvation.

Allama Iqbal has very beautifully updated this advice of Waliullah, he writes that:

It’s a prostration that you believe is valuable.
Delivers man with a thousand prostrations.

It is a reflection of the same warm tears that, if shed with great remorse in front of this caste, can keep a person safe from dusting the door. And then the Qur’an and Aqa Du Jahan where Sira Tayyaba also teaches that this world is the harvest of the Hereafter and we will all reap what we sow, so it is very important for all of us to do our best.

I always remember Ashfaq Ahmad Sahib’s words that you say you can make it simple for people, that is, deal kindly and tolerantly with people. Treat them with kindness, their lives and Take care of the sanctity of wealth and honor. If you do so, I can say with certainty that every good deed of yours will be highly esteemed by God and its reward will be your destiny both in this world and in the Hereafter.

I know that self-reckoning is certainly a difficult task because the greatest weakness of man is that he sees all his faults in others and to exclude himself from all these faults and to make himself somehow. Hiding in disguise is his worst habit.

In fact, just as a person does not ignore the mistakes of others, he should never forget his own mistakes in order to correct himself.

Because a successful person always overcomes his shortcomings and becomes a successful person. We must honestly examine what our shortcomings are and how these shortcomings and shortcomings can be turned into our strengths. We need to evaluate whether we are knowingly or unknowingly part of the evils that prevent our prayers from being answered in God’s eyes.

Do we have the fear of God, the remembrance of God, the peace of God, the struggle for knowledge, the patience and gratitude of jealousy, the collective interest of selfishness, the hope of despair? They do not want to change trust, falsehood, truth, adulteration, deception, dishonesty and deception into honesty, backbiting and slander. Don’t we denigrate others in the name of reforming others?

We desperately need to think about these points. With these small changes, we can become a full-fledged human being and a true Muslim who will be the facilitator in the society. It’s precious for every moment of your life. And every moment was spent helping others, correcting oneself and fearing Allah.

 Now, if we as a nation take stock of the past year, we will have a good idea of ​​what we have lost and what we have gained – we desperately need collective reform in addition to individual status.

We need to become a nation without prejudices like Punjabi B, Sindhi, Balochi and Pathan. We urgently need to promote the values ​​of tolerance, kindness and compassion, love and mutual respect, as well as take practical steps to eradicate social evils. We must take practical steps to nurture our democratic system and establish institutional balance in the spirit of the Constitution.

We need to implement ethics education at all levels, especially in the curriculum that makes up the med or other professionals of the universities, so that there are people in the country who understand their responsibilities.

We need to overcome the rising unemployment and economic woes in Pakistan. We need to take concrete practical steps to address Pakistan’s growing resource shortages such as gas, electricity and water shortages.

We must protect the lives of our children and protect their dignity. We have to improve our education system, we have to value the sacrifices of our forces on every front because our army is one of the greatest in the world.

We have to learn from our mistakes and build a strong and stable Pakistan for generations to come.

We must now meet the challenges of the future with specific plans for the new year. All of this is possible with the above-mentioned beliefs that first pray for your longevity and be helpful to a friend and we hold ourselves accountable and then hold ourselves accountable as a nation as a whole and then work together to address these challenges. Claim that there is an urgent need and importance to solve. May Allah be our supporter and helper.

Saifullah Aslam

Owner & Founder of Sayf Jee Website

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