Pakistan Army Helicopter Crashes In Gilgit-Baltistan, 4 Soldiers Martyred

The accident took place due to technical fault in Mani Marg area. The body of a martyred soldier was being transported in a military helicopter.

Army helicopter crashes, 4 soldiers martyred. A sad news has been given by the Public Relations Department of Pakistan Army ISPR. It has been reported that the first helicopter of Pakistan Army had a tragic accident in Mani Marg area of ​​Gilgit. The body of the martyred soldier was being transported in a military helicopter.

Meanwhile, the helicopter crashed due to a technical fault.

Helicopter was carrying the body of martyred soldier Abdul Qadir to CMH Skardu. Soldier Qadeer was martyred in an avalanche in Kamri sector. Two Pak Army majors and two soldiers on board the helicopter were martyred. The martyrs have been identified as Pilot Major Muhammad Hussain, Co-Pilot Major Ayaz Hussain, Naik Inzamam Alam and Cop Muhammad Farooq. Martyr Major Ayaz belongs to Malir area of ​​Karachi while Major Hussain was a resident of Khaplo area of ​​Shaheed Skardu. While Naik Inzamam belonged to Chakwal and soldier Farooq Shaheed was a resident of Sahiwal.

The helicopter was evacuating body of martyred soldier Abdul Qadeer to CMH Skardu. Following officers and soldiers accepted martyrdom in the incident:  Pilot Hussain Muhammad was married and the Khaplu district resident was in Skardu. Major Ayaz was married to Karachi, Malir’s resident. A resident of Chakwal Naik Inzimam Alam and Sahiwal’s Sepoy was Muhammad Farooq.


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