Primary Schools: Take Children on Monday To Classes, Says PM

The prime minister said that on Monday, parents should send their children into primary school as long as they are open in the city.

Thanks to Covid-19’s rapidly expanding new variant he said, the two- week school closing in London and Southeast England was “exceptional”

He said the Sayfjee Andrew Marr had “very, very low” chance for children and a “so huge” benefit for education.

But the prime minister did not preclude additional closures in schools and claimed that “many parts of the country” may have stricter constraints.

The majority of primary schools in England are required to be open on Mondays, with the exception of those in London and areas of the South East.

Nevertheless, the unions say to primary school workers that returning to work is dangerous and that remote education is needed in all primary schools.

Any local authorities were still worried about the post-Christmas reopening of schools.

Mr. Johnson said the government is “under constant review” because school openings are “driven by public health considerations and by the massive importance of education”

What is happening with schools across the UK?

Secondary schools in England shall stagger their return in 2021 from 11 January, with pupils taking examinations and groups joining in person on 18 January for another year. Most English elementary schools will come back on 4 January, but they will not open until 18 January in London and nearby areas for most students.

In Wales, communities were advised that as they opened, they should “flexible” – with several schools attempting to return to face to face from 11 January.

Primary school students are educated online until 11 January in Northern Ireland. Eight to eleven years can be taught online during January in high schools. After the first week of January, 12 to 14 years will return to college.

In Scotland, we extended Christmas to 11 January, and only on-line learning will be given the next week. For 18 January, we intend to return completely to face-to-face learning.

Mr. Johnson said his message to communities and schools was to be “directed by the public health guidelines” which at the moment is “that schools are secure in those places where we’re being not guided by the new iteration to close them”.

He said, ‘we must be careful in face of the effects of this new variant’ and informed that the vaccine will be ‘very hard a number of weeks and months.’

The prime minister acknowledged the tiering structure would need to be tighter and “clearly school closures which we had to do in March is one of those things” but said”not really something we would like to do”

Mr. Johnson said his message to the councils and schools will be “headed by the Council on Public Health” which currently states that the schools are safe in places where the latest version does not push them to close them.”

He however said that ‘we must be humble in the face of the effects of this new virus variant’ and cautioned the “very difficult few weeks and months” before vaccine takes place.

The prime minister admitted that it could take the graduation system harder and that “certainly school closeups we had to do in March were one of these things.”

In addition, Johnson didn’t respond specifically to the issue of whether exams were to be cancelled; however, he said “we’ve got to be realistic”

The National Education Union has told its members not to be safe in primary schools and said that all schools should be closed for an extra two weeks, while other major teaching groups have demanded a distant learning time during safety measures.

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, called for the vaccination of teachers to be “as priority” adding that every school close should be “the absolute minimum of time and that time must be used very well”


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