Thanksgiving Day Quotes | 86 Sayings To Celebrate The Holiday

The families will meet on Thanksgiving Day to recall what they are pleased with. The holiday is not only a reminder, it is also a time to spend quality time and a feast with your loved ones.
In order to enter into the spirit of holiday, here is a list of 15 Thanksgiving proposals from Wikiquette, Brainy Quote and Good Housekeeping.


⦁ Thank you for the sun, for your life and for your power when you get up in the morning. Thank you for your food and your enjoyment. Thank you. The fault lies inside you if you see no need to thank you.
⦁ You’re going to end up getting more. Thank you for what you have. Thank you’re a good day to give thanks and give again our energies.
⦁ The first pilgrims were grateful for their events, and we should all be grateful for them. We should be glad that we are together.

⦁ If you can’t give up on your mates, no matter how tempting it is if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years.
⦁ Maintain open your mind to the mercies. The person who forgets to be grateful sleeps in life.
⦁ Thanks is appropriate in loneliness. Thank you for getting wings and going where it needs to go. It is much more understood than you do by your priests.
⦁ I’m from Canada and I’m just grateful to you for more food on Thursday. And for that, I’m grateful.
⦁ Christmas is more stressful with gift purchases to ensure that everybody comes in, but that’s just not Thanksgiving. I don’t get depressed on food ever ever.
⦁ It’s a great day that we’re dreaming about because nobody is eating on a fourth Thursday in November. I mean, why else, thanksgiving would they name it?

⦁ As the events of our rich history have influenced those that we care and those who came before us it is a good time to think again this year at our Thanksgiving Tables. We understand that the individual blessings for which we thank have changed, but we are continually thankful to God and dedicated to our fellow Americans.
⦁ Thank you is a time of reunion for families and friends and appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy and loved ones, who enrich your lives.
⦁ If a guy isn’t really grateful for what he has, he probably won’t be happy for what he’ll get.
⦁ Think of your blessing, which everybody has not the misfortunes of the past, of which every human being has something.
⦁ For what I am and have, I’m grateful. My thanks go on and on.
⦁ Thank you is a moment of unity and thankfulness.
⦁ Thank you for your holiday based on food and family, two things which are extremely important to me. I love thanksgiving.
⦁ Thank you comes to us from the prehistoric vulnerability that is ubiquitous in all ages and religions. There is still a time for appreciation and new beginnings in whatever straws we have to catch.
⦁ He who gives thanks, not with the lips, but in part; from the heart comes the entire, true thanks gift.
⦁ Let us note as much is required of us, as has been given to us and the true tribute is from the heart and from the lips and is seen in acts.
⦁ It’s like doing a huge chicken when you think of a Thanksgiving meal.
⦁ But see how golden the melons lie in our opening clarifications; enrich them with sweets and spices and give us a cup! ”
⦁ The fullness of life is opened up by appreciation. It transforms what we have, and more. It transforms denial into admission, disorder into order, uncertainty into clarification. It can make a food a festival, a house a home, an alien a mate. Thanksgiving takes our past context, brings healing to today and offers a glimpse of the future.

⦁ Recall the bounty of God in the year. String His favor’s purls. Hide the dark bits, except when the light breaks out! One day, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you!

⦁ We remember our reliance on Thanksgiving Day.

⦁ Seven times more grave than huts were made by the pilgrims. No Americans were poorer than those who, however, set aside a day of thanksgiving.

⦁ Acknowledgement can change a day even a life. All that is important is your ability to put it in writing.
⦁ I’m from a family where gravy is a drink.

⦁ Thanksgiving day is a gem to put in honest men’s hearts, but be careful not to take the day and to leave the thankfulness behind.
⦁ Cranberry sauce, a colorless goo with overtones of sugar tomatoes, was an unforgettable American doctrine and a fun need for a Thanksgiving Board that paw is unassuming without it.

⦁ You’ll end up getting more, be grateful for what you have. You will never, never have enough if you focus on what you don’t have.
⦁ One day is ours. One day. One day we Americans, who aren’t self-made, return home to eat salat’s cookies and wonder how much closer the porch of the old pump looks than before. Thank you Day is purely American, the one day. Thank you.

⦁ Old-fashioned, I celebrated Thanksgiving. We had a big feast, and then I killed all people in my neighborhood and took their country.

⦁ Don’t only thank you on Thank you, but every day of your life. Thanks. Enjoy and never take anything that you have for granted.

⦁ Thanksgiving is a holiday of goodwill, the celebration of work and simple living, a veritable folk-festival that speaks of seasonal poetry, beauty of seed and harvest, a mature year’s produce and a profound and intimate connection with God.
⦁ Thank you is one of my favorite days of the year as it encourages us to thank you and to number our blessings. Suddenly, when we know how lucky and fortunate we are so many things seem so insignificant.
⦁ Thanksgiving is what I love about, that it’s about meeting friends or family and eating. It’s for everybody, actually, and wherever you come from doesn’t matter.
⦁ O God Almighty, who has given this good land to us for the sake of our own heritage; we implore You humbly to be always attentive to Your favor, happy to do Your will.
⦁ Think of your blessings today, of which every person has enough; not of the misfortunes of your past, of which all men have many.
⦁ When I ask my cup to be half full or half empty, my only response is I am grateful for having a cup.
⦁ Thank you, dude. Not a happy pants day.

⦁ Thanksgiving is the inner sense of kindness. The natural impetus for expressing this emotion is appreciation. Thank you for this urge. Thank you.
⦁ Soccer I like. I find it a strategic game to be exciting. This is a perfect way to postpone talking in Thanksgiving to your family.

⦁ The more thanks we express, the more thanks we feel. The more thanks we feel, the more thanks we express. It is circular, contributing to a happier life.
⦁ Thanksgiving teaches us that whatever happens to us in life, we can take the burnt remains and restore an unimaginably rich life that the shards and parts have fallen from.

⦁ Though Thanksgiving comes just once a year, thanks every day. There are definitely brighter times during each day – moments that deserve to be documented in our appreciation journal – among the difficulties that we face as people with hearing loss.
⦁ True ballplayers pass through the stuffing by rolling it up and beating it with a turkey leg around the table.
⦁ Thank You Day is a good day to give thanks and give our energy again.

⦁ Every Thanksgiving is my most unforgettable meal. I love food: turkey; sweet potatoes, rice from the South heritage of my mother; mashed potatoes from the mid-western origins of my wife; green-bean casserole Campbell; and of course pumpkin paste. I love the food of the Campbell family.
⦁ On Thanksgiving I will stop giving thanks for the safety and health of my family especially because it’s all too real that they mightn’t have been, following the tragic events of this year.
⦁ During Christmas, you shouldn’t just give and thank you should give all the time.
⦁ The day after Thanksgiving is normally my favorite memories. I get the entire Christmas itch decoration.
⦁ Thank you is one of my favorite days of the year as it encourages us to thank you and to number our blessings. Suddenly, when we know how lucky and fortunate we are so many things seem so insignificant.
⦁ You can place your elbows on that, you don’t have to speak politics, it’s like sitting at the children’s Thanksgiving table, no matter how old I am, there’s always some of me who sits here.
⦁ Thank you, our eminent moral festivity, for youth, does not have much. Conversation, food, drink and friendship are at the core of it – all benefits of adult life.
⦁ Thank you for your holidays in America, because we are a time to set our worries aside, much as the hard-won pilgrims did almost four centuries ago, and eat a bustling meal without thinking about the years ahead.

⦁ But see how golden the melons lie in our opening clarifications; enrich them with sweets and spices and give us a cup!
⦁ We are talking about a glorious day reserved for no one on the fourth Thursday of November. Why else, I mean thanksgiving, will they name it?
⦁ Get up and stand on your feet on this day of thanksgiving. Trust man. Trust in man. Believe in your own time and place soberly and with open eyes. No, no and no better time or place for living was never there.
⦁ The most important virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues, is not only a grateful spirit.
⦁ The day they lived their yearly grain, with festivities and recess and grateful pressure, was indulged in the patient with labor when the end was relaxed.
⦁ I’ll never die if you have space for it, I think I never know the taste of a pumpkin pastry.
⦁ Thank you very much and we are all so happy that it comes only once a year.
⦁ What we think about our blessings is not the true test of our gratitude, but how we use them.

⦁ Try thankfulness if you want to change your life.
⦁ What do you do, if you’re so thankful? You share. You share.
⦁ The recipient is grateful for a rich harvest.

⦁ Pride slays thankfulness, but the soil from which naturally it grows is a humble soul. A proud man is rarely a thankful man, because he never feels he is having as much as he deserves.
⦁ I had to do turkey for three weeks. Via the beak, I stuffed it.
⦁ The day of thanksgiving falls once a year by statute; to the honest person it is as much as the heart of appreciation allows.

⦁ So thanksgiving is just Thursday with more food. I’m from Canada. And for that, I’m grateful.
⦁ You tend to get angry about turkeys if you’re standing in the meat section of a food store for long enough. Turkey ham, turkey bologna, turkey pastrami. Turkey bologna. Guy, someone has to say to the turkey, be you.
⦁ After all, Thanksgiving is an action term.
⦁ The afternoon most turkeys taste better; the day before, my mom tasted better.
⦁ When you have to let your bathrobe go out you can say you ate too much for Thanksgiving.

⦁ I’m grateful forever. It’s incredible how happy you can only be with a definite meaning of life.
⦁ The heart will find the way home in advance on Thanksgiving Day.

⦁ A Thanksgiving Day thought: Once, there was this… that day… that day… everyone knew each other they required.
⦁ 5 am, stuffing bread crumbs up a dead bird’s ass, here I am, 5 pm in the morning.
⦁ We cannot say that we are alive until our hearts are certain of our riches.
⦁ Action of gratitude generates plenty.
⦁ Thanksgiving was nothing more than a pilgrim-created Christmas obstacle; a dead bird on the lane, forcing a quick detour.
⦁ Thanksgiving or any great meal is funny, so you’ll spend 12 hours shopping and cook, chop and blackberry and white. Then it’s gone in twenty minutes and everyone’s in a sugar coma like that and then it takes four hours.

⦁ As Indians celebrate thanksgiving, I still think it’s funny. I say of course, during the first Thanksgiving Indians and pilgrims were the best friends, but some years later the Pilgrims shot Indians. And I’m never sure why, like everyone else, we’re eating Turkey.
⦁ America has unequivocally and unpopularly established a pastry tradition at the sweet end, and there can be no better seen than Thanksgiving at any time.
⦁ About 94 percent of Americans make and eat turkey and most people stick to a traditional menu for their main meals – cranberry sauce turkey, gibbers-graved white pumpkins, marshmallow sweetened sweet potatoes, green-cooked dish of green vegetables, tartars and whipped cream for dessert.

⦁ A Thanksgiving dinner I can’t prepare. All I can do is toast cold cereal.
⦁ Then what are we doing What are we doing? ‘We do what every household does. Grin, bear, and bring the battered potatoes through.

⦁ People are nice to one another in November. You’re taking cakes to each other’s homes and chatting through crackling wood burning ciders. On a specific day in November they travel very far to share a meal and thank you for their many blessings – food in tables and babies’ arms.
⦁ It’s a case of overwork at Thanksgiving. It is a tradition of nationhood.
⦁ The next day, eating a salty turkey sandwich with mayonnaise, Rebecca agreed that thank you was her favorite holiday but she didn’t have a choice: her family never celebrated Hanukkah but her dad was activists who didn’t know Christmas.

⦁ When you begin to practice gratefulness and gratefulness for things, individuals and events, you will realize that more good things, people and events are attracted in your lives.
⦁ For example on Thanksgiving, who of us had not to “act” like all of us just loved at the table? A certain course can be taken for a brief period of time? This short demonstration of good conduct is not valid. How we are, when nobody looks, is our character.
⦁ It’s no time to worry about what you haven’t. Dream of what you would do to do.

⦁ For the girls Turkey and the boys Turkey. Turkey. Corduroys are my favorite style of jeans. Tobacco queer goo and Tobacco tickle. I just want to make turkey cost a nickel. On Thanksgiving, Oh I love turkey. Everyone’s Happy Thanksgiving!
⦁ The family gathers good noise and good food for sharing. There is plenty of appreciation.
⦁ The family gathers good noise and good food for sharing. There is plenty of appreciation.


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