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You are a real Christmas present to your friends, so please remind them how special they are in your letter to Christmas. Any of our preferred explanations can be found below:

Merry Christmas Best Wishes

⦁ I wish you many blessings, prosperity and much more love for your Christmas season.
⦁ I hope that you all make this a memorable Christmas!
⦁ Thank you so much for making a pal like you all year long on Christmas.
⦁ The best Christmas gifts I’ve received is your support and devotion. Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas.
⦁ Want happiness, love and everything you have to give in this glorious vacation. Can this amazing opportunity to donate and spend time with families give you the joy of the year.
⦁ Merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas! You want your holiday to enjoy all the happiness!
⦁ Can your break be happy and laughable.
⦁ I hope Christmas’ magic is packed with joy every corner of your heart and home — now and ever. Merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas! This vacation season wishes you all the best!
⦁ Want you a happy and luminous Christmas!
⦁ We look forward to a fun and healthy holiday season.
⦁ I expect harmony and love and happiness to fill your holiday season.
⦁ Full with love Merry Christmas.
⦁ I hope this year your Christmas is full of joy!
⦁ Nice festivities! Happy festivities! All the Christmas expectations are met, I think.
⦁ Wish you in this hard time to love and to be light.
⦁ For you and your colleagues, I know it was a tough year. The New Year is bringing happier days, I think.
⦁ Our hearts and yours are with you now and forever.
⦁ This Christmas season is giving you hugs.

⦁ This year more than ever, we know that you will have a tough time. In these tough days, I wish you courage and happiness.
⦁ The holidays will also only remind us of what we missed. Know I’m with you really.
⦁ I hope the holidays will give you an excuse to relax and refresh.
⦁ In this winter of life, may love of God lift you up.
⦁ If you need a helping hand on this holiday, we are still here to help.
⦁ Wishes you will find warmest in this time of shadow.
⦁ Good news that this joyful holiday season is full of a glorious message of peace and love.
⦁ My dream comes true for Christmas — I can spend it with you! This is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year a splendid present and a distinguished past.
⦁ See this Christmas, for there are more than what you believe, to count all your blessings. A lot of you are a joy, and I love you!
⦁ It is Christmas of passion, excitement and hope. It is Christmas. Move on to all with this letter to share the joy of this magnificent trip.
⦁ This Christmas is the best gift I should have wished for. Thank you for your goodness and your infinite affection.
⦁ Let you have several opportunities to cheer at this Christmas. Tell the ones you love and close to your heart this beautiful time of year.
⦁ The real essence of Christmas reveals after the tree, ornament and tinsel. Meeting with relatives, Happy Christmas, is unbelievably special.
⦁ The early Christmas brings is quick to be overwhelmed. Know its real importance, and this joyous season you will love.
⦁ It’s people like you who are so enchanting and bright this season. Nice Christmas! Good Christmas!
⦁ This Christmas, I don’t want much, I just want a person to feel appreciated reading this. Get an awesome vacation time!
⦁ You are the best present that I can ask for this Christmas.
⦁ Merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas! May your happiness be great and small.
⦁ This holiday season, you want nothing but the best.
⦁ May you glow with love and happiness on your holidays!
⦁ Merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas! I hope that this coming year you will be blessed one by one.
⦁ Will your heart glow with the true spirit of Christmas and enlighten your journey.
⦁ Wish you a joyful and luminous season!
⦁ A wish for peace, sunshine and caring for you at Christmas time.
⦁ May this season pleasure you and your family with light and laughter.
⦁ It’s people like you who make Christmas so sweet and important. Thank you Thank you! Thank you!
⦁ Christmas is postponed, please notice. You seemed to tell Santa that this year you were good and he died of laughing.
⦁ It is not what is most important under the tree, it is who is around it. I’m so happy for loving you every year.
⦁ Consider this season and wish you a happy vacation.
⦁ Enjoy the fire, the warm memories of holidays and you.

Merry Christmas Wishes for Family

Christmas if it is the happiest time of the year for your loved ones to spend time, make sure that your card reflects this feeling. See our Christmas message explanations for the following family:

⦁ This holiday season has no better gift than to share time with relatives around the Christmas tree.
⦁ All of you are so precious to us. Keep secure this holiday season and stay happy!
⦁ I wish those of you loved by all, just the joy and gladness of Christmas! I wish you a lot.
⦁ The best Christmas gifts there ever will be to have a family like you.
⦁ What a gift you are on Christmas and always.
⦁ Think of you at Christmas with lots of affection.
⦁ Thank you for being blessed with such a lovely family. Merry Christmas!
⦁ The best ingredients for a genuinely Merry Christmas are time and love presents.
⦁ This Christmas and New Year will give you lots of joy.
⦁ The trip is a marvelous time to remember my thanks for working with you. For you and your family Happy Christmas. Merry Christmas.
⦁ You do happy and festive job — much like this season of Christmas. Thank you and good luck for everything you do.
⦁ This Christmas with your family enjoy a well deserved rest and time. Have a nice safe vacation season!
⦁ It’s a real Christmas present to have a coworker like you. Give your family and friends a wonderful holiday!
⦁ Our family wishes you love, pleasure and peace today tomorrow and forever.
⦁ Can your family have a break full of fantastic surprises, therapies and unstoppable laughter.

Merry Christmas Wishes for Teachers

Teachers gave the children a lot of their time this year and Christmas is a good time to let them see what they enjoy. See our samples below for message inspiration:
⦁ May this vacation season be packed with surprises and cheers only because you deserve the best.
⦁ Welcome from the family of the season! Hope you’re ending the year brightly.
⦁ This Christmas is your best wishes and those of your family. Happy New Year’s Merry Christmas!
⦁ Get a bright, holly, sweet and a Happy New Year A happy Christmas!
⦁ Many gratitude for what you did this year. Joyful New Year’s Christmas!
⦁ Happy festivities. You wish this holiday and the next year all happiness.

Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends

⦁ At this holiday season, you miss most.
⦁ Maybe on Christmas morning we’re not together, but you’re in my heart still.
⦁ I wish that this holiday season could be together, so I give you warm wishes.
⦁ This Christmas I’m going to miss celebrating with you. Eat me some additional cookies.
⦁ Maybe we can’t rock the Christmas tree together but in your honor, I’ll protect the halls.
⦁ And if we are alone, our souls are alone.
⦁ We’ve got a video call on Christmas—I’m going to take the cocoa!
⦁ Without you here, Christmas will not be the same.
⦁ And if we are split, I hope you have a nice break.
⦁ Take this card for a late Christmas embrace as a raincheck.
⦁ Christmas is a sensation of real friends exchanging joy and affection to demonstrate their interest.
⦁ They are friends like you who are so rare and magical this season.
⦁ It’s like Christmas every day because you’re my friend. Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Quotes

Sometimes a quote gives you the perfect mood about your break. In that case, we find some favorites you might like for your own Christmas cards for the holiday season.

⦁ When we live Christmas every day, paradise on earth will come to linger.
⦁ Through what we get, we survive, but by what we offer we lead a life.
⦁ In my heart, I will celebrate Christmas and strive to hold it throughout the year.
⦁ Christmas swept a magical wand around this world and, behold, it is more lovely and softer.
⦁ Christmas is the day that has been together all the time.
⦁ May your days be merry and brilliant and may all your Christmases be white? For every Christmas card I post. I’m dreaming of white Christmas!
⦁ Perhaps Christmas doesn’t come from a supermarket, he thought. Christmas maybe. Maybe, maybe. A bit more! Means a bit more!
⦁ We’re not opening our gifts as well as opening up our hearts at Christmas.
⦁ It’s no date for Christmas. It’s a mental state.
⦁ Happy is the season of a romantic conspiracy that takes place around the world.
⦁ It is obligatory, like a thunderstorm, and we’re all going through it together and a wonderful thing for Christmas.
⦁ It’s not about a day for Christmas. This is a perceptual frame.
⦁ Christmas Eve was a music night wrapping like a shawl around you. But more than the body was warming. Your heart was warmed… It was also packed with melodies and would last forever.
⦁ Christmas is completely not an external thing, but a household element that you have in your heart.
⦁ Like Joseph and Mary I prefer the retro-chic to spend Christmas – to move arduously back to the spot where you are born, with no promise of a bed when you return.
⦁ I’m not entirely sure what the sugarplum is, but I have dreams of them in my mind every year for a few weeks.
⦁ The greatest of all presents for every Christmas tree: the presence with each other of a happy family.
⦁ Christmas is not only a season of celebration but also of contemplation.
⦁ We palpate and welcome the Christmas calm. We welcome it.
⦁ We went to wait with us for a while this fine season.
⦁ It’s not about a day for Christmas. This is a perceptual frame.
⦁ We owe Christmas a chance to stop and think about the important things about us.
⦁ When you have a Christmas tree in the living room, nothing looks too bad, too rough or too sad.
⦁ Christmas is the day that has been together all the time.
⦁ Any decorations of Christmas tree do more than shine, they’re a gift of love offered long ago.
⦁ This is of course, the Christmas letter. We are never alone. We are never alone.
⦁ Without a feeling about envy, let’s keep Christmas lovely.
⦁ Teacher says an angel gets his wings every time a bell sounds.
⦁ Over the years the world has been old, but it is young on Christmas.
⦁ As long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand, Christmas is always going to be.
⦁ The easiest way to propagate Christmas is to sing happily to listen to others.
⦁ Christmas is not only a season of celebration but also of contemplation.
⦁ This is the best time of the year!
⦁ It’s still Christmas, not just for one day. To love, to bond, to give are not to be robbed.
⦁ My memories collect and dance, like the snowflakes, are lovely and rare and gone too fast.
⦁ I don’t really feel Christmas is about things. There’s good to each other.
⦁ It is in the middle of Christmas where Christmas brings to the stars.
⦁ Any path leads home at Christmas.
⦁ Christmas does for someone a bit special.
⦁ When we live Christmas every day, Paradise on Earth will come and remain.
⦁ Christmas swept a magical wand around this world and, behold, it is more lovely and softer.
⦁ We’re not opening our gifts as well as opening up our hearts at Christmas.
⦁ This is Christmas’ message: we’re never alone.

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