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Prize in Pakistan

iPhone 12 pro Max:

Prize: 264,999 Rupees

iPhone 12 pro:

Prize: 245,000 Rupees

Apple has also entered the FiveG era. In this year apple company offered four models. The latter will require up to 4 Gbps of download speed. Currently only Verizon in the US has this level available.

iPhone Size

The iPhone Pro models are available in two sizes this year. The iPhone 12 Pro is 6.1 centimeters and the iPhone Pro Max is 6.7 centimeters.

It was 5.8 and 6.5 inches on the iPhone 11 series. This phone looks almost too big because of the tiny bezel.

The OLED displays with a 60-Hz refreshing rate are the same as before.. Consumers will have to wait until next year for phones with higher refresh rates.


Apple has included a notch in the phone, meaning that Apple did not compromise on the face ID due to the under-display fingerprint reader.


The resolution of the new iPhones is slightly higher than the previous models. The Pro model is 1.170 x 2.532 pixel of resolution and the Pro Max has a 1,284 x 2,778 pixel of resolution.


The maximum brightness of the display is still 1200 nits. To protect the display, Apple has once again partnered with Corning to produce a ceramic shield material for the display, which is four times better than the previous glass in terms of safety when the phone falls.


The company has also updated the design of the phone, which has brought it closer to the iPad Pro. As before, the chassis of the phone is made of stainless steel. This time the company has also introduced a new Pacific Blue version with gold, gray and silver colors.

Water Protection

The iPhone 12 is also better than ever in terms of water protection. If they stay in the water to a depth of 6 meters for 1 hour, they will not be harmed.
Previous phones feature up to 4 meters deep.


These two pro versions are not the same when it comes to the camera. The iPhone 12 Pro Max begins from 1/1.7″(1.7  µm pixels). It’s 47% bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro and the old 11 Pro Max. Due to the f / 1.6 aperture, its sensor receives 87% more light.

In the process of using sensor shifts, Apple also updated the optical image stabilization.

Zooming Length

The camera offers a fast performance of 5,000 adjustments per second.
The Pro max model has a longer focal length in the zoom camera, which allows for two and a half times more zoom.

The iPhone 12 also has a brighter f / 1.6 lens, but it includes an older sensor with a lens.

This sensor now receives 27% more light. The Vanilla Pro has an older telephoto camera with f / 2.0 lens and 52mm focal length. That means it provides twice as much zoom as the main camera. In addition, the classic OIS is included in this phone.

All the cameras now support night mode and ultra wide mode and selfie camera. This is made possible by the phone’s new chipset.

A 120° field of view (13mm focal length) with f/2.4 lenses is offered in the phone’s ultra large camera.


This year, Apple has adopted the LiDAR system of the iPad Pro in the iPhone Pro. This enables night mode portrait. It reduces the speed of auto focus lock by 6 times in the dark.
Dolby Vision’s only phone for video recording is an iPhone 12 Pro.
The latest ProRAW feature insert all required for the RAW format on the phone records.

Wireless Charging

This time it uses wireless charging. This time the loading time for the Qi charge increased from 7.5 to 15 watts. In addition, the price from this bar has been decreased by Apple. Users now have to connect the phone to the MacBook with a USB-C2 lighting cable. Apple suggests that it can be decreased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Storage Capacity

One of the main reasons for buying Pro models is more storage. Apple introduced the latest upgrade options for 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

Price in US

Prices for the iPhone 12 Pro start at 160,500.00 rupees.

Pro Max starts at 17,6550.00 rupees.

Advanced Updates

The change of Apple is a step with a carbon neutral strategy by 2030.
Apple has used Apple A14 bionic chipset in both iPhone Pros. It is the world’s first chip set at 5 nm, with 11.8 billion transistors. This is 40% higher than the A13. It includes two large CPU courses and 4 smaller courses that provide 50% more performance than the previous models.

Similarly, 4 core GPU also increases the performance by 50% from the previous model. It is also 70% better when it comes to machine learning.

“Apple Watch Series 6”


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