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Important information for Pakistanis wishing to perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia

Receipt of applications for Hajj registration will end today, lucky ones will be informed on July 12.

Riyadh: Due to the Corona epidemic this year, the Hajj has been limited to immigrants and locals living in Saudi Arabia. At present, it is being speculated that only 10,000 people will be allowed to perform the Hajj this time. Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia also want to perform Hajj. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj has been receiving online applications for Hajj registration since July 6, which expires today.
According to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj, the lucky ones selected for the Hajj will be notified via text message on July 12. It should be noted that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced the criteria for the selection of the lucky pilgrims to perform Hajj this year and health criteria will be the first priority in their selection.

This time, the number of foreign migrants residing in Saudi Arabia will be 70% and 30% of Saudi citizens will perform Hajj.

The second criterion for pilgrims will be that only Saudi nationals and foreign medical personnel and security forces personnel who were infected with the Corona Virus but have now recovered will be allowed to perform the Hajj. In the selection of pilgrims, preference will be given to non-Saudis between the ages of 20 and 50 residing in Saudi Arabia. However, in order to be included in the list of pilgrims, they must meet the following criteria:
They do not already have any disease.
They have a certificate of PCR test and their results are showing negative.
Have not performed Hajj in the past.
Duties after the decision of the Ministry of Health? Before and after Hajj, the prescribed period must be spent in quarantine.

Non-Saudis who meet this standard can register at this link:

The registration process for Hajj has started from Monday, July 6 and will continue till Friday, July 10 (five days).
The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has clarified that non-Saudis will be selected for Hajj in a random random manner through an electronic system. Candidates who are selected in this manner will have to submit all the required documents by the due date after notification.


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