Corona Virus Eradication Is Possible From Neem

From time immemorial, various herbs have been used as medicine. These drugs are useful in the treatment of genital warts by activating them. Is. Although herbs have been used in the treatment of various ailments for centuries, this trend has increased in recent times, because first of all, herbs have little or no side effects.

Secondly, it is a fact that modern allopathic remedies are very expensive. However, herbal remedies are authentic, inexpensive and free from all kinds of harmful effects.

Digitalis, a specific drug used to treat heart disease in modern times, is extracted from a plant called “Foxglove”, so the source of quinine is the bark of a tree called “Cinchona”. Similarly, aspirin from a plant called “Meadowsweet”. Is obtained

While Chinese health experts are currently prescribing modern drugs to treat the corona virus, ancient traditional therapies are also being used. In 26 Chinese provinces, it has been officially mandated that corona be treated. Traditional and ancient medicine should be taken along with modern medicine for the treatment of the virus. Just as traditional treatment for the treatment of corona virus is being considered in China, neem can also be used in this regard.

(China has also recently developed a vaccine to test for the corona virus, which has been found to be useful and effective. The vaccine is made by a Chinese company called Sino Pharma). The World Health Organization (WHO) has found neem to be an incentive in the treatment of AIDS and cancer. Increases without showing effects.

It should be noted that AIDS patients suffer from a variety of disorders due to the lack of a type of white blood cell called lymph sites (called CD4)., Nebulizers and bark etc. Now even in the United States, the usefulness of neem has been recognized.

Neem contains many useful ingredients which are useful in the treatment of skin rashes, malaria, diabetes, antifungal, antiviral, anti-viral, inflammatory, dysentery, diarrhea and fever etc. Also, semi-antiseptic. Neem oil contains 135 chemical ingredients, including quercetin and beta-sitosterol, which are useful for treating germs and fungus. The solution extracted from neem bark also contains proline, which can be used to treat joint pain. There is a lot to do.

Neem oil is also used to treat a number of mental illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease.

The warm water extracted from the bark of neem is a powerful tonic, especially for women, while it is also used to treat intestinal worms. In addition, the solution is used to treat wounds and skin diseases. Is also effective.

Similarly, semi-dried flowers, called nebulizers, are used to treat diabetes. Nebulizer oil is useful for treating leprosy, syphilis, ulcers and all kinds of pain. Neem oil is commonly used in Arab countries to reduce fever and treat diabetes. The oil extracted from neem bark is not only anti-inflammatory, but also has the ability to heal wounds.

Eating a 1250 mg / kg diet of neem reduces glucose by 15%, urea by 13%, creatinine by 23% and fat by 15%. Stroke and diabetes, while urea and creatinine deficiency are beneficial in kidney disease.

Nimbolide, which is a semi-derived ingredient, is very useful for the liver and its effect is similar to that of a specific medicine taken in liver diseases.

It is also useful for the treatment of dental diseases. All toothpastes which contain the ingredients of neem, eliminate the germs found in the mouth and reduce the chances of plaque on the teeth. Give Also, neem toothpaste has been used since ancient times, which is an elixir to cure dental diseases and bad breath.

Some components of neem work against bacteria. Possibly neem activates various enzymes (oxidative enzymes) and breaks down the cell wall of the bacterium. It should be noted that antibiotics also break down the cell wall of the bacterium Free radicals are also a possible cause of disease in any individual. Free radicals are the active elements of oxygen.

That is why the lack of free radicals reduces the disease. With the use of a solution extracted from neem flowers and bark, these free radicals are reduced and the disease is cured. The virus of neem measles (chicken pox). Also works against “Coxsackie Virus”. The measles virus enters the cells and breeds more viruses with the help of nucleic acids found in them, and the use of neem prevents the virus from entering the cells in the first place.

Not only that, but the use of neem is also effective against infectious diseases like polio, measles and dengue. The use of saffron will definitely be beneficial.


Saifullah Aslam

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