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Wherever life takes us, I’m always going to be there to you, because real friend, cousin, teacher, brother, sister or family are always there and never leaving. Despite the problem’s life can place on us we will always solve all because two are already better than one. And you with me is like an unmatched band. My friend oh I love you very much.

We were not separated by our divisions, and the struggles of life were not divided. Because it’s our birthday, I celebrate your birthday with you. I have difficulties with you and my times of pleasure are own. Happy birthday with us. Happy birthday to us.

Wishes For All Relations

  1. My dream for you is and always will be happy and safe on your birthday!
  2. Now and forever have a lovely, grateful, safe birthday.
  3. You were no matter what for me. My dear brother, I love you and I’m so happy to share with you your special day. Your birthday will be very special.
  4. Happy birthday to a charming, gifted, funny guy who reminds me of me a lot.
  5. You always give me a sweet smile! Happy holiday! Happy birthday!
  6. Let the day be packed with love and joy. My mate, I wish you a fabulous and remarkable birthday!
  7. A buddy is a person that knows your past, trusts in your future, and takes you as you are – even as you get older. Thank you for your buddy and your happy birthday.
  8. Ignore about the past; look for the future, for the smartest ways about to come.
  9. Good morning!! I hope that your day is full of love and laughter! Can each wish for birthday be fulfilled?
  10. I just want to say to your birthday: I think you can see how special you are to me. Happy, my dear Family, Friend, Cousin, Brother, Sister or Teacher! Happy Birthday!
  11. I hope your birthday is as enjoyable as you are, but the goal is really high.
  12. Life is a boat. Life is a trip. Please take pleasure in every mile.
  13. I hope your heart will be filled with joy and blessing on this beautiful day.
  14. I want to celebrate your birthday as a holiday so I’ll get a day off afterwards. Happy holiday. Happy birthday. Happy.
  15. It is a pleasure for my brother to be the greatest guy in the country. Happy holiday. Happy birthday my sister. Happy.
  16. Mother, you’re the power that allows me still to battle my life’s odds.
  17. Regardless of how fast I grow up today we were still young. Loving you so much. Love you very much. Happy holiday. Happy birthday. Happy.
  18. For this little cake, how many candles? Happy holiday. Happy birthday. Happy.
  20. Good news!!! I hope this is the start of your biggest, most beautiful year!
  21. But you don’t have to grow up. You have to get older. *
  22. Think of you and wish you every success on your birthday! I hope you’re just as excellent!
  23. From the present time you open your eyes in the morning until late into the night, I hope you have the greatest birthday you ever have.
  24. Things in life, hope this day will make you happy with an extra amount of everything. Blessed birthday, Blessed birthday.
  25. When you grow older, they say you lose your memory. I am saying forget the past and live today’s life in full. Start with cake. Start with cake. Blessed birthday, Blessed birthday.
  26. Some people become wiser when they are old. Some are getting richer by age. But with age everyone gets older. So good luck, and a happy birthday on the other couple!
  27. May the most luminous joys of life illumine your journey and draw you closer to your dreams every day!
  28. With you, I love to celebrate. Thank you for birthdays and a reason. Thank you.
  29. It’s a privilege to be young. A genetic gift is appealing. It’s all you’re cool to be. Blessed birthday. Blessed birthday.
  30. It is not the year’s end but the starting of a new one today. Blessed birthday. Blessed year.
  31. At birthday parties I love you like I love cake. Don’t miss inviting me. Don’t forget. Blessed birthday. Blessed year.
  32. Life should be lived on your face with a smile and nobody is doing better than you to put a guy on my face. Happy holiday! Happy birthday!
  33. You won’t get old on one birthday. You won’t be old for half a dozen. Perhaps you should nevertheless have avoided counting. Happy holiday again. Happy birthday, again.
  34. Never again will you be as young as today, so fun. But look out, you were this old guy never before. Blessed birthday. Blessed year.
  35. You are the one I want to race down the winding path of life. Happy holiday! Happy birthday!
  36. Happy birthday, your good looks prove that Mother Nature wins the battle with Father Time occasionally.
  37. Happy holiday! Happy birthday! Just until you are young, so you can truly enjoy it. Time goes too soon, and these years you don’t get back.
  38. Good hours. Happy hours. Blessed words. Blessed thoughts. Happy thoughts. – Pleasant dreams. Happy thoughts. – Happy feelings. Wonderful birthday.
  39. Thicker than water, is blood. The cake tastes sweeter than any birthday cake. Happy holiday! Happy birthday!
  40. Thank you for being someone with whom I can talk and share life. Blessed birthday. Blessed year.
  41. It just becomes a butterfly after the caterpillar feels it has all grown up. Happy butterfly birthday. Happy birthday.
  42. The older I get the younger I feel that I’m a little younger! Blessed birthday. Blessed year.
  43. Only work hard. Work hard. Only play hard. Play hard. Feed plenty. Eat plenty cake. This is a good birthday and life slogan. That’s good.
  44. And that’s what it is like You are my kind of nuts! Blessed birthday. Blessed year.
  45. You’re a year older than a birthday, but a birthday celebration means ten years younger. Enjoy the party! Enjoy the party!
  46. You have always been the strength in my life that keeps me through the stormiest moments. Mother, I love you I love you. Blessed birthday. Blessed year.
  47. Over the years, Mom, you gave me too much advice. I would like to take this perfect day and use it to thank you for what you do.
  48. Thank you, Mom, for trusting me always. Today have an amazing day.
  49. Taking the day off, take the day off. Put up your feet. Put up your feet. You deserve it! You deserve it!
  50. You’ve got the world’s largest heart! Thank you so much for holding me there. Good morning, Mom!
  51. Congratulations to the person who has it all—including me!
  52. Thanks for the cake and ice cream for years. Your turn is now!
  53. Happiness is like you’ve got a mom. Now you’re giving love.
  54. Snuggling, crying, little star. Nice day from afar. Happy birthday. You’re missing, Mom. Missing you.
  55. Blessed birthday, Father! Happy birthday! You are not old, you are retro! You’re not old!
  56. Most of you don’t dream of legends, but you haven’t seen them. Blessed birthday, Father! Happy birthday!
  57. Every day, I’ll always be your boy who taught you to fly, whatever the birthdays. Good birthday, Father. Happy birthday, father.
  58. Dad, another year your birthday present hasn’t paid for my wedding. Dad.
  59. I’m as blessed as it may be for the greatest father is mine. Happy holiday! Happy birthday!
  60. Blessed birthday, Father! Happy birthday! Thanks for the genes which gave me the good looks of these rocking.
  61. It’s just like celebrating a friend’s birthday I didn’t get to choose.
  62. Good afternoon to my worst playful family member!
  63. You were there for me always and for you always will I be there. Happy holiday! Happy birthday!
  64. I had never a choice as a brother, but I’d pick you if I had.
  65. Happy birthday, you brought our family so much happiness.
  66. Without you, I could never have done it through infancy. Happy holiday! Happy birthday sister!
  67. Check out today for your birthday. Celebrate every day to be happy.
  68. May you possess all your love, all the joy of a day and all the blessings a life may reveal. Happy holiday! Happy birthday!
  69. May your spirit be enhanced on your birthday with light, love and hope for a successful year ahead.
  70. I hope you open your eyes every birthday so that you cannot see what was, but it is still to come!
“Life Is a Great Gift Of God”

You Are Everything for Me

You’re not just a friend; you are everything to me. I took this day to reflect on how much you have loved me and showered me with unmeasurable care. I’m thankful, and in your life, I wish you so much goodness. This is the start of wonderful things in your life, I pray. I pray this day. Have a great birthday. Have a wonderful.

People can’t imagine life without the sun on this planet, but without you, my dear, I can’t imagine my life. Have an interesting day and a good morning!

  1. I wish I might have been able to turn the clock around. Sooner I will find you and longer love you. Happy belated birthday. Happy belated birthday.
  2. It’s your day today. Dancing with sugar, pulling a unicorn, floating with siren and chasing rainbows.
  3. Age is just the number of years you loved the world. Happy holiday! Happy birthday!
  4. Today was born somebody I love.
  5. With you, I’m glad to grow up. Happy birthday, my family. Happy birthday love.
  6. Let’s celebrate this day as tomorrow isn’t!
  7. Time to rejoice. Time to celebrate. One again you went through the sun. It’s a revolution for birthday.
  8. Inspire wilderness, have a wild birthday celebration!
  9. Happy birthday my best sister to the best present I ever had. I really love you I love you!
  10. Will your special day bring you a happier future, from the cry of joy to the cry of sorrow? Happy holiday! Happy birthday!
  11. When I first laid eyes on you, I still remember how excited I was. Since then, I have been proud. Happy belated birthday.
  12. Birthdays are a way for nature to tell us to eat more cake, so dig in!
  13. A party is a celebration without a cake.
  14. You’re at least not as old as next year.
  15. You’re here now! It’s more true than true! No one living is you, except you! No one alive.
  16. The day we are born and the day we learn that there are two wonderful days in a person’s life.
  17. Never let us know what age it is. Let us know the time of pleasure, not the years.
  18. The more you celebrate and enjoy your life, the more you celebrate in life.
  19. Just don’t count your years, just count your years, count your years.
  20. Age is a question of feeling. Don’t matter if you don’t mind.
  21. You’re not getting older, you’re getting better.
  22. Let the day be celebrated with sweet words and food.
  23. The roots of obligation and the wings of liberty are the best gifts you can offer to your children.
  24. I tried to buy a holder of a candle, but there was no shop. Ok I have a cake.
  25. No wise person would want to be super young.
  26. Remember, you’ll start speeding once you’re over the hill.
  27. Young people are glad because they can see beauty. Anyone who maintains beauty would never grow old.
  28. After I was 30, I learned everything I know.
  29. I’m not getting old. I’m not getting old. I’m improving.
  30. I wish you happy life on everywhere or place.

To my good friend: I wish you more love, prosperity and blessings than your birthday and your coming year should count on. I’m so glad that in my life I’m happy for you! For the year ahead, I wish you well on your birthday.

My beloved comrade, on your special day, I wish you all the best. Blessings for today and the next year. Do not look back or dwell on the failures in the past. Made it about development and completion of this New Year. Your birthday best wishes.


Saifullah Aslam

Owner & Founder of Sayf Jee Website

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