Pumpkin: A Combination of Dietary Fiber And Water

Pumpkin is now sold in Pakistan in almost every season, but in fact, it is a summer vegetable. It has a natural ability to keep our bodies cool. The human body is such a masterpiece of nature that every weather has been made to be tolerated to a reasonable extent. The internal temperature of the body remains the same in the state of health.
In summer, we are afraid of sweating. In fact, it is a natural system that releases excess body heat. The acidity is removed and the body temperature is controlled by the brain under an integrated system.
After sweating, we feel cold in the body. This symptom is not a symptom. If heat is not released through sweat, then the body burns like an oven and the organs of the body cannot perform their functions properly.
This is an automatic system of nature. In summer, the blood is usually thin. Most of the blood circulates near the surface of the skin. Sweat is released from the pores of the skin, we feel cool. October is the last summer. Month. This month we should consume foods that keep the body system soft, active, and active and help to eliminate the effects of heat.

Pumpkin is one of the many benefits of this vegetable which is rich in medical and nutritional benefits and is the favorite vegetable of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In this way, following the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) In particular, it should be part of the diet. The gourd is round or oval and has a long outer surface with green skin and a soft surface inside.

The seeds are half an inch long and a quarter of an inch wide in the middle. This vegetable contains mineral salts such as calcium, potassium, and steel.
When making pumpkins, it is better to keep the amount of water low as most of this vegetable contains water. It is correct to give pumpkin broth to thin and sick people because their bodies would have lost water. Is.
Pumpkin juice, soup, and broth are also considered useful for people suffering from heart diseases. Like every vegetable, gourd also contains dietary fiber which improves the digestive system. If you want to lose weight, then pumpkin juice. Drinking extract is useful. Patients with diabetes often feel thirsty. Pumpkin helps to quench thirst.

  • It is also a marquee of beauty.
  • It keeps our skin clear and transparent.
  • It is effective for oily skin.

Young people with acne should eat it and cleanse the skin with juice. It also removes dryness of the scalp. Applying gourd juice on the skin on which the scales are frozen help. A tried and tested way to get rid of dry skin is to mix the juice of gourd and amla with equal weight and apply this solution on the whole scalp and massage it with soft hands and after half an hour plain Wash your head with water. If young girls with acne-prone skin drink pumpkin juice, the balance of oil released from the skin can be maintained. In this way, pumpkin plays a key role in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. Is.

The Main Disease in Obesity

Dr. Atiya Shahzadi

Obesity may be the shape of the figure during which body fat builds up, weight gain, and bloating occur. To date, consultants haven’t been able to provide a satisfactory answer to the question of why some folks area unit corpulent. There are several studies on fatness or weight gain. when a brand new cause involves light-weight.

Most people believe that somebody’s style, consumption habits, sitting, sleeping, and not work out all the time end up in weight gain and fatness. However, it’s conjointly been determined that the planet There Maineasure} some folks in me UN agency eat all types of food, don’t do any X-ray as well as sitting for a protracted time however still they are doing not suffer from fatness.

Obesity causes several issues. fatness is one in every one of the leading causes of death in developed countries, as well as developing countries. it’s calculable that the seventieth of the world’s population is presently corpulent and overweight. whereas folks value more highly to go hungry for a protracted time to slenderize, they conjointly do totally different X-ray sizes.
It has conjointly been determined that some folks become corpulent despite consuming less food and taking X-rays. The question arises on why this happens and the way and by what means that someone becomes corpulent.
Every person’s body is totally different. Everyone’s ability to soak up nutrients and distribute food throughout the body is additionally distinctive. we tend to all knowledge to achieve weight.

We begin gaining weight once we begin consuming a lot of calories than we’d like, however, why can we begin consuming too much? as a result of typically it happens that suddenly consumption too several high-calorie things like chocolate or cake becomes severe. The demand is felt.
However, we all know that when a moment we are going to regret it. fatness continually leads to gluttony.

(If there’s no disease). If the energy of the food we tend to eat is over the energy consumed daily, then this excess quantity accumulates in our body within the sort of fat and causes weight gain. Therefore, it’s higher to try to correct exercise together with it. consultants have conjointly found proof that stress may be a major reason behind fatness.
When we area unit beneath loads of stress, our sleep is unhealthy, therefore we tend to feel a lot of hungry and find relief by consumption one thing and therefore the quantity of sugar within the blood is additionally affected.
Some a lot of causes of fatness.

Smoking is claimed to have an effect on respiration, which reduces gas consumption. As a result, appetency will increase and weight gain begins.

Some families carry unhealthy genes that increase appetency.
Some family habits have an effect on consumption habits and result in fatness.

Sometimes it happens inadvertently and typically it’s some causes and it’s conjointly a result of one’s own mistake. the foremost necessary issue is a way to slenderize if the body is overweight. will be done
The toughest step is to slenderize. it’s comparatively simple to slenderize. ninetieth of individuals suffer from this sickness by mistake. it’s not solely known as a sickness however it’s conjointly known as ‘Umm Al-Maraaz’. it’s conjointly known as fatness. If you become corpulent, you will conjointly suffer from an asthma attack. It will be a retardant for the guts that the dimensions to that the guts accustomed offer blood is currently increasing.

What ought to be done to avoid obesity?
From what we tend to eat and drink, we’d like to grasp what proportion of food our body desires. once we area unit hungry, we should always eat. once we area unit is a bit hungry, we should always stop consumption. this can be such an enormous rule that this rule person that adopts area unit terribly symmetrical, agile, agile, very agile.

All their senses work dead and that they don’t get tired. A healthy person, regardless of what proportion he weighs, desires regarding two,000 calories every day. a person UN agency is aware of the desires two,000 calories, however, will employment during which he sits within the workplace all day or employment during which there’s not abundant diligence, on the opposite hand a workman picks up sacks, the hoe on the streets tilling within the fields, he can want a lot of calories than the primary person, and he needs to meet his two,000 calories, however, most people girls sometimes don’t work terribly exhausting.

After operating for an associate hour or 2 reception, they need to rest. The sign of diligence is that the body starts sweating and therefore the rate will increase, the speed of respiration will increase. during this case, we are able to say whether or not a lot of energy or a lot of calories were consumed.
Take your weight in pounds and multiply by twelve to seek out out what number of calories you wish to consume in a very day.

If the load of one hundred pounds is increased by twelve, the solution is 1200. meaning you have got to consume 1200 calories in a very day. If you utilize your calories to slenderize to a minimum, you may slenderize. For men. girls can scale back their calorie intake by 6 June 1944. meaning they have 1128 calories for one hundred pounds. If someone weighs one hundred pounds and desires 1200 calories, they’re going to want a thousand calories within the initial twenty to fifteen days.

If you are doing not get two hundred calories, then the calories within the body square measure keep within the sort of fat, they’re going to begin to be used, so it’ll begin to reduce. At a similar time, use things that clean the abdomen. we’d like to understand what percentage calories square measure in what foods (such as meat and vegetables, etc.) and the way several calories are wont to do what.

For example, if an individual climbs stairs for an associate hour, he uses 1100 calories, if he swims for an associate hour, he consumes five hundred calories, and for running, he consumes 550 calories, and for sleeping, he consumes sixty calories per hour. Uses calories associated if he’s employed lying down he consumes seventy calories in an hour. so ladies pay 200-170 calories in housekeeping and girls say if they work such a lot then why he’s not losing weight that job Kaj doesn’t use quite 200-170 calories.

One hour of brisk walking burns concerning four hundred calories. Not ingesting breakfast results in weight gain. Breakfast could be a vital meal – it will either create or break your day. you’ll be able to conjointly eat a biscuit. Dinner is additionally vital. If you do not eat it, you may have psychological issues and sleep is lost. otherwise, you will eat the dish. It does not matter if you skip lunch however skip breakfast and if you do not hurry, your body swells.

Eating watermelon before meals clear the abdomen and if a watermelon isn’t on the market then eat melon, papaya, cold, summer any of those fruits before ingestion (one and a [*fr1] hours before) then scale back the fat within the abdomen. that results in the lower abdomen and weight loss.

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