Top 10 Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2021 | You Must Know

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

(Miuccia Prada)

Fashion is something that helps to style yourself differently and it is a hot topic in today’s era. Fashion is something in which we deal every day, and it is a popular way in which someone shows the culture, context, lifestyle in a certain manner. To follow the pace of the world in the fashion industry, Pakistan is also working hand to hand with the international industry and making its remarkable name in the fashion industry.

Over the past ten years, the Pakistani fashion industry has achieved a lot. Pakistan’s fashion industry mainly deals with clothing brands and refers to ethnic clothing. There are lots of famous designer brands in Pakistan. There are so many top clothing brands in Pakistan who are working for the growth of the economy and contributing to the development of country and economy. If we specifically talk about clothing brands in Pakistan, then there are lots of brands that are working to promote cultures and traditional dresses. We can easily find men and women dresses under one umbrella, many clothing brands in Lahore are working for both genders. Too many international celebrities are promoting famous clothing brands in Pakistan, like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor khan, Kate Middleton and many more.

In this piece of writing, we are going to enlighten you with some Pakistani clothing brands’ names and their specifications and area of specialty, and how they are contributing to making nation proud at so many international levels by showing the positive side of Pakistan.

10 Best clothing brands in Pakistan

There are so many famous designer brands in Pakistan who are working for the improvement of the fashion industry. Famous brands and their owners firmly believe in this famous quote.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

(Bill Cunningham)

1. Designer Kapray

Designer Kapray is one of the most prominent names in the Pakistan fashion industry if you want traditional or custom-made dresses of women and men then you can undoubtedly go for this best option. Designer Kapray has the history not to compromise on the quality of their dresses, and this remarkable brand is working tirelessly and elegantly to provide style and quality under one roof. As they follow this famous quote;

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

(Yves Saint Laurent)

Designer Kapray deals in the following categories;

For Women;

  • Embroidered Kurta Set
  • Lehenga Set
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Gowns
  • Bridal Dress
  • Women Custom Made Dresses

For Men;

  • Kurta Sets
  • Sherwanis
  • Bandgalas
  • Groom Dress
  • Men custom made dresses

Designer Kapray is considered one of the best and most credible men’s clothing brands in Pakistan along with women’s clothing range. Designer Kapray is elegantly contributing to the bigger picture of the Pakistan fashion industry by providing quality and elegance in the clothing range.

2. Sapphire

Sapphire is included in the top ten list of brands, Sapphire made itself into this list elegantly and grace in such a minimum time. This brand is working since 2014 in women fashion along with men’s fashion interests. Sapphire offers trendy and stylish dresses at minimum price. You can easily get daily, party wear, formal or casual from here.

3. Khaadi

Khaadi is working elegantly in traditional wear. Khaadi smashed the whole Pakistani fashion industry with different and trendy dresses and this brand has made its special place in people’s hearts with its signature style. It has branches in the UK, USA, and the middle east to promote the Pakistani fashion industry with elegance.

4. Gul Ahmad

Gul Ahmad is one of the pioneer brands of the Pakistani fashion industry. The other name of Gul Ahmad is “Quality”. Pakistani women prioritize this brand to get quality clothing range with stylish and elegant prints. Gul Ahmad also deals in the men’s clothing range, and you can easily find stitched and unstitched clothes from here.

5. Alkaram

Alkaram also has made itself in the famous brand list of Pakistan fashion industry. It is a well-renowned brand of Pakistan. This brand is working in Pakistan since 1986. You can get formal, semi-formal or daily wear from here in stitched or unstitched range for men and women both.

6. Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed is a clothing brand of famous scholar Junaid Jamshed since 2002 and this brand is also known as “J.”. J. has made itself in the top 10 male clothing brands in Pakistan in such a minimum time. Now J. has launched its makeup, fragrance collection along with men and women’s clothing. This is a very famous brand in Pakistan. 

7. Generation

If you are looking for culture clothing, then it is the best option from where you can buy clothes. Generations deals in traditional women’s clothing and they introduce fascinating clothes every season. Generations is very famous for its socially responsible marketing campaign, which is a plus point for their promotions along with their excellent quality clothing range.

8. Lulusar

If you are looking for stylish cuts with trendy clothes, then this is the best place to buy your clothes. Lulusar mainly deals with western clothing range and they target working women and students of urban areas.  So, Lulusar is the best place to buy modern westernize clothing range of women which meets the requirement of Pakistani traditions and culture.

9. Maria B.

Maria B. came into the fashion industry in 1999 with new fashion trends and cuts for women. This brand is also a great example of women empowerment in Pakistan as the owner of this brand is women. Maria B. deals with formal, semi-formal women clothes. Maria B. has now introduced its fragrance range and has introduced her brand in Paris, Italy, and the UK. 

10. Sana Safinaz

This women brand is creating history in the women fashion industry since 1989. This brand is also an excellent example of women empowerment in the Pakistan fashion industry as Sana Safinaz is run by the two women designers through a joint venture. This brand is famous for eastern and western clothing range with stylish cuts and they perfectly suit to modern women of Pakistan. 

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