Election Commission Decides to Expedite Foreign Funding Cases

“The scrutiny committee convened three times a week for the foreign funding case, the Chief Election Commissioner directed”

The Election Commission has decided to expedite the ongoing foreign funding cases against the ruling party.

Election Commission was held in Islamabad

According to details, an important meeting of the Election Commission was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of the Chief Election Commissioner in which the participants were briefed about the foreign funding case. On this occasion, the Election Commission expressed concern over the slowness of the foreign funding case.

It was informed that in the meeting, the Chief Election Commissioner directed the scrutiny committee to convene three times in a week, on which the scrutiny committee said that the lawyers of the parties do not appear due to which the case is pending.

According to sources, the meeting of the Election Commission also considered the holding of local body elections in Punjab and the Election Commission has said that it seems that the Punjab government is not serious in holding elections.

Federal Government Decided to Allow the PDM

On the other hand, the federal government decided to allow the PDM to protest in front of the Election Commission. According to details, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed met Prime Minister Imran Khan, in which the government decided that the PDM should protest.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister directed the Home Minister to allow the PDM to protest in front of the Election Commission, without any obstruction, if anyone is interested. He may do so, but he will not be allowed to take the law into his own hands.

Pakistan Democratic Movement has Announced

It may be mentioned here that Pakistan Democratic Movement has announced to protest in front of Election Commission and NAB offices. President PDM Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that they will protest in front of Election Commission office on January 19.

Khawaja Asif’s arrest cannot be ignored, it has been proved that it is not accountability but revenge.

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