Famous Pakistani Truck Art Journey From Earth To Sky

The world-famous Pakistani truck art will now travel in the sky instead of the roads. A flying academy has decorated its two-seater Cessna aircraft with this colorful art.

Pakistan’s truck art has gained worldwide fame. The art has been featured in art galleries in many western countries, and many international stores offer small items on which you can see the colors of Pakistani truck art. In many western countries, not only cars but also large vehicles have been beautified with this particular art. When this truck art was introduced to the world a few years ago, its purpose was to highlight the positive identity of Pakistan, which was engulfed in terrorism.

Imran Aslam, chief operating officer of flight training organization Sky Wings, told Reuters news agency: “We want to tell the world that Pakistan has no problem with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and terrorism. It is not a country; it is a diverse country full of opportunities.”

He also plans to paint other aircraft to promote tourism in Pakistan. This truck art has become the best cultural heritage of Pakistan in recent years. For example, the international organization UNESCO is using truck art to promote girls’ education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Artist and painter Haider Ali said on the occasion, “The world is familiar with our truck art presentation. Now our colors will fly in the sky because of this plane. We are really happy.” Haider Ali, 40, learned truck art from his father and is now one of the most famous artisans in the field.

Haider Ali says that in the future he also wants to decorate Airbus or Boeing aircraft with Pakistani truck art and thus his experience will be further expanded.

After spreading color on the roads, Pakistani truck art began to fly in the air


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