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WhatsApp is working on the ability to set multiple chats to disappear at once

WhatsApp has received a new update via the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the current version to 

What is new in this version? WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to leave multiple chats at once in a future update. 

Last year, WhatsApp introduced additional features such as disappearing messages and a default messaging timer for all users. Within WhatsApp Privacy Settings, you can choose to create new individual conversation threads with disappearing messages enabled by default for the length you want. 

The default message timer only impacts new individual chats when you enable it, but WhatsApp is now working on a new option for existing chats: 

WhatsApp is currently developing a new feature that will allow us to convert many existing conversations to disappearing chats in a future version, as shown in this screenshot. When the user taps “by selecting them,” a new section appears, allowing you to select numerous conversations at once to convert them to disappearing chats. This shortcut comes in handy when you want to activate disappearing messages for multiple chats without having to individually toggle the functionality in each chat’s information. All new messages in these chats will be programmed to disappear after they are converted to disappearing chats. 

Unfortunately, because this feature is still in development, there are no specific dates for when it will be made accessible to beta testers, but once it is, we will update this page with a fresh changelog. 

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