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WhatsApp is Rolling Out a Chat Filtering Feature & Updates

Meta’s WhatsApp is expected to introduce the option to filter chats on ordinary accounts after a series of improvements. 

The app is bringing the feature to regular users after successfully debuting it for business accounts last year, according to Sayfjee. On beta versions of its Android, iOS, and desktop apps, the social platform added easy filters for rapidly finding specific discussions. 

In the following update, the feature will be gradually rolled out to ordinary accounts. 

The tool is available within a conversation for business accounts, according to Sayfjee. Users can sort chats using four different filters: unread chats, contacts, non-contacts, and groups. Even when no chats or messages are being searched, the filter option will always be present in the chat. 

Users who have installed WhatsApp beta UWP 2.2216.4.0 version already have access to the feature. For ordinary WhatsApp accounts, it is still in development and will be delivered in a future update. 

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