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Google Translate can now Save your search history to access anytime

Google has introduced a new guideline for users of its Translate tool. Users of Google Translate were given the option of saving their search history to their Google accounts or using it without one. 

According to Android Police, Google Translate used to display a warning prompt stating that search history was only available to users who were in into their account. Individual searches could previously be saved to individual devices. This was great for privacy, but not so much for consistency between platforms. Users did not hear anything about the feature after that. 

You may easily manage your activity logging by logging into your Google account, or you can use the app without a Google account for a limited time. 

Users must switch on the Web & App Activity Control setting to guarantee cloud synchronization is enabled. Locally recorded histories are synced every few hours with cloud-stored records, so they stay local for a while. 

Given Google’s track record of releasing new policies and gradually implementing them, it’s probable that the latest Translate policy will take some time to reach all users. 

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