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100+ Best Funny Memes Ever | Dirty Jokes | Laughing Good & Bad Memes For Adults

  1. You love her because her skin is white and soft?  

It’s not Love, it’s Dove. 

2. Unupdated apps when they see WiFi😂 

  1. Without a single Degree, they built us roads that have lasted an eternity. 

And then, the engineers arrived! 

4. Photoshop level 100000🤣😂 

5. When you have a Ph.D. in sleeping🤣 

6. Why didn’t you tell me you don’t know how to cook……? 

  1. Me: What is the importance of me in your life? 

She: You are my First Priority😂 

  1. Me: Mummy I need money 

Mum: Go and bring my purse 


9. A baby’s laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear.

10. She is so rich that she bought a full apple😂

  1. Me: Why isn’t Mike here today? 

Friend: He’s in the hospital. 

Me: But I saw him yesterday dancing with a girl. 

Friend: His wife saw him too. 

12. Some pictures don’t need a caption😂

  1. When someone says “Your best friend is too innocent”!! 


  1. Me: Hey baby 

She: Yeah 

Me: I love you 

She: I love you too 

Me: Promise me you won’t lie to me 

She: I promise 

Me: Who’s David? 

She: Who’s Sandra? 

Me: I love you baby 

She: I love you too 

  1. Me: I am fast at math 

You: Then what’s 750*1920? 

Me: 230 

You: That is not even close 

Me: But it was fast 

16. After two-month exercise 

  1. Makeup Artist: What do you want your fame? 

Bride: I want a smokey eye look 

Makeup Artist: 

18. My handwriting in the exam 

  1. My friend in real life VS My friend on social media 

Me in real life VS Me on social media 

20. Home workout – day 1 

21. Next day after having spicy food 

22. Sir with girls in class VS Sir with boys in class

23. When 99.9% downloads failed to occur

  1. She: I love you 

Me: As a friend?? 

She: No 

Me: As a brother 

She: No, it was sent by mistake… 

  1. She: I don’t find any hair on your shirt! 

Me: And? 

She: Who is the bald girl?? 

  1. Trick used in Japan to slow down drivers 

The next day, after knowing this trick 

  1. Dad: Go help your mom. 

Me: Go help your wife. 

  1. Me: I have many hidden talents 

Someone: Like what? 

Me: I don’t know, they’re all hidden 

29. Pencil transition in your educational life. 

30. Profile picture VS Video call. 

  1. App rate us 

Me: don’t show this again. 


  1. 10 years ago, she rejected me 

Now I’m the CEO of google and her husband is my employee 

Your Comment: 

33. When the teacher asks who is presenting next. 

24. That moment in the exam hall when you are on the first bench and your friends are cheating on the last. 

35. When your sister’s makeup isn’t looking good but you’re getting late for going out. 

  1. Boss: Why aren’t you working 

Me: I didn’t see you coming 

  1. Imagine sitting here while it’s raining outside. 

Your comment: 

  1. Me watching a horror movie with my wife at 3 AM 

Later when I realize that I haven’t even gotten married yet 

39. a day before the exam unboxing my brand-new book 

  1. 1st son: Degree in Economics 

2nd Son: MBA 

3rd Son: PhD 

4th Son: Thief 

Neighbour: Why can’t you throw the 4th son out of your house? 

Father: He is the only one earning money. The rest are unemployed. 

  1. Teacher: Only one student in the exam failed. 


42. Things I do the whole day:

  1. When you come out of the changing room in a clothes shop 



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