WhatsApp users beware! | WhatsApp warns users!

Users of WhatsApp, the world’s largest messaging platform, have been warned that attempts are being made to gain access to bank accounts and personal information through forgery.
It has been reported that WhatsApp is receiving a link from an unknown direction in which users are tricked into answering questions in the link in return for which they will be rewarded with money or gifts.

Some unsuspecting WhatsApp users fall victim to this scam; nevertheless, it is unclear who citizens of this country are involved.

Users are advised not to reply to any such message but to delete the link immediately upon receipt.

The message is being spread on WhatsApp with the link, which is a trap for users, the message is also being received through the app on Android, iOS systems, and computers.

Fraudsters can obtain information from users and install an app on their devices. Users who have mistakenly opened the link should immediately clean their device with anti-virus software.


Saifullah Aslam

Owner & Founder of Sayf Jee Website

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