Vivint Launched 4 New Genius Home Security Devices

Vivint is releasing an updated line of new home security devices today, as well as an enhanced computer vision chip to improve the intelligence of its home security system (CVC). 

The Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor Camera Pro, Indoor Camera Pro, and a new device called the Spotlight Pro are four new Vivint products due to enter the market. According to Jim Nye, Vivint’s Chief Product Officer, all four can be integrated into an existing Vivint configuration to make your home “even smarter and safer.” 

To learn user patterns and detect potential dangers, Vivint’s system uses a centralized controller, a smartphone app, a variety of professionally installed devices, and artificial intelligence. The entire system is then monitored remotely 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and PCMag deemed it to be one of the best security systems for professional home monitoring when we evaluated it last year. 

According to Vivint, the first update is an upgrade to the proprietary CVC, which was built with feedback from homeowners in mind. The new chip is designed to unlock more intelligence, strengthening the cameras’ Smart Deter capabilities while improving object and person detection. 

Let’s take a look at some of the new devices that are being released today: 

Doorbell Camera Pro 

The original Doorbell Camera Pro has the same 180-by-180-degree lens, two-way talk, and Smart Deter with the 90-decibel speaker. It does, however, include an on-camera encrypted SD card, as well as improvements to the camera sensor and HDR for improved color and low-light video capabilities. 

The revised form factor enables the integration of a larger button and a brighter LED light. A porch pirate should have a harder time stealing your packages now that the CVC has been improved. 

Outdoor Camera Pro 

The 85db speaker, LED illumination ring, 360-degree ball joint for orientation, and a 140-degree lens with 3x magnification and a 4K HDR sensor are all maintained in the new Outdoor Camera Pro. Night vision, surveillance zones, and a far-field microphone for two-way communication are all included. 

Improved image color depth, an on-camera encrypted SD card, and compatibility with the new Spotlight Pro attachment are all features of the revised model. 

Spotlight Pro 

The Spotlight Pro is a brand-new Vivint product that was created to complement the Outdoor Camera Pro. 

The spotlight attachment has two purposes. The first is as a gentle light source that allows you to roam around your property safely at night. The second is known as “Deter Mode,” and it serves as a serious deterrent to would-be thieves.

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