Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Specifications & Price in Pakistan

 ‎Rs. 244,999

Samsung is famous for having some of the greatest photography phones on the market. For a long time, Samsung has been the only smartphone company capable of competing with iPhones in terms of camera quality. The S22 series of smartphones is the company’s newest smartphone line. We put the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera to the test. So, let’s have a look at how they seem in real-world circumstances. We’ve also included camera samples for you to consider, as various people may have differing viewpoints.

Galaxy S Pen: 

For the first time, S Pen fits perfectly into S. To write, sketch, or control your phone, eject it from the phone’s bottom. Samsung Notes’ improved latency makes every pen stroke seem as natural as ink on paper, and you can translate those scribbled ideas into legible writing. 

Productivity With S Pen: 

Your notes and messages will be transformed into masterpieces with the accuracy of the S Pen. In Samsung Notes, convert handwriting to text for ultra-legible outlines, or add animations to films to expand your creativity. Then take a step back (or a few steps) to use Air Actions for wireless control. 

Leave your mark with color: 

Embrace the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s strong tones to be a trendsetter. The elegant design is enhanced by the refined and timeless colors. 

Fastest Chip Built-in Galaxy

The 4nm chip integrates its world-class performance into practically every area of your phone, resulting in incredible night pictures, unbelievably clear photographs from day to night, and a mobile gaming experience that will help you win. 


With a peak brightness of 1750 nits, the Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with Vision Booster is glare’s worst nightmare. Furthermore, the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate makes the scrolling fluid, adapting to what’s on-screen for an optimal view. 


From one day to the next, Enhanced AI uses 5000mAh (usual) of power, automatically adjusting to how you use your phone.  To make the long tale short, it saves battery for when you need it most, resulting in battery life that exceeds the number of hours in a day. 

Super-Fast Charging: 

When you put in the 45W Power Adapter, you’ll get a super-fast charge that lasts all day. 

Wireless Power Share: 

There’s plenty to go around with all that battery power. Give a boost to a partner or charge your headphones wirelessly on the go. 


On both the 108MP Wide-angle Camera and the 40MP Selfie Camera, AI brilliance lends light to gloomy photographs. Super Night Solution illuminates the environment intelligently, allowing you to use the night to style your Portrait mode images without compromising detail. 

This phone includes the most powerful Pro-grade Camera ever, with large pixel sensors and shape-shifting pixels, putting the power of a professional’s gear in one portable device. Without losing quality, shoot into the night. 

The most significant advancement in video technology yet. Auto framerate detects illumination and automatically adjusts the frame rate to the best possible. You can record from sunrise to sunset with constant, breathtaking details thanks to the 4nm CPU and Super Night Solution cleaning out the noise in each frame. 

Smooth Video: 

The smoothest in the galaxy. The Pro-grade Camera on the Galaxy S22 Ultra corrects tremor at a 58% wider angle and uses rapid motion sampling to detect motions swiftly and precisely, resulting in steady-state clarity in each frame. 

Super HDR enhances the details and colors in your photos by presenting 64x more color, especially in difficult shadows or backlit scenes. 

High Resolution: 

From day to night, the 108MP sensor allows you to shoot crystal clear images. Adaptive Pixel switches between 108MP high-resolution mode and 12MP high-sensitivity mode behind the scenes before you press the shutter, resulting in brighter, sharper photographs.   It also works with the clever Detail Enhancer to provide depth to shadows and highlights. 

Tele Zoom 

The Dual Tele Zoom technology provides tremendous optical zoom that switches from 3x to 10x as you zoom in deeper. The AI-enhanced Super Resolution and the unique double folding lens keep going until you’re 100x closer to the action without taking a step. 

More Features 

Auto Framing: 

Even if you walk around or individuals come in and out of frame, your video remains focused and in focus. You may even lock on to a subject by tapping the screen. 

Director’s View: 

Use the whole quad-camera system, including the Selfie and Rear Cameras, to capture from numerous viewpoints. After that, sit back and watch your feature film, or save the originals for a director’s edit. 

Single Take: 

Tap the shutter to capture up to 20 seconds of activity, then wait for the Gallery to populate with several formats to pick from, including stills, loops, hyper-lapse video, and more. 

AI Edit: 

The Gallery has been enhanced to allow you to edit images like a pro. Shot Remaster provides you the capacity to edit with ease, while Object Eraser removes items out of the photo without cropping. 


For the premiere of your new film, which was shot entirely on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you’ll need a good headshot. With the upgraded Selfie Camera, you can do it yourself. 

Video Call 

With Google Duo, you can bring your team together. Connect with family and friends through video calls, and even share your screen to view videos together, just as you would in real life. To view everyone at once, call them up and cast them onto your TV. 


Samsung Knox protects your personal information from the moment you switch on your phone. Knox Vault safeguards your biometric data, while Secure Folder protects your personal information. Furthermore, the new Permission Usage dashboard allows you to view which applications are sharing your data or following you, as well as give or refuse access on your own terms.

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