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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, has announced that it will build the world’s most powerful and fastest super-computer based on artificial intelligence. As the name implies, it will enable computer metaverse and data processing.

Super-Computer Of Metaverse:

YouTube and Facebook are constantly expanding their data houses and computer networks day and night where your and my data are stored. Now imagine what would happen if the same population moved to Metaverse? With that in mind, Meta has announced plans to build its own supercomputer.

Meta AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Because all of this work requires artificial intelligence and machine learning, that’s why super-computers will be capable of AI. It has been named as Meta AI Research Supercluster. The most important aspect of this news is that work on it is in full swing and its construction will be completed by the middle of this year.
At its full potential, the meta-supercomputer will have a processing power of 5x flops per second. Because of this, it will be able to process exceptional data from meta.
Meta company writes in one of its blogs that AI researchers associated with Meta will learn from trillions of examples. It includes hundreds of new languages, text, video, and other data. There will be even more augmented reality patterns. In this way, work on the audio translation of languages ​​and other technologies can be started immediately.

Virtual Reality Glasses:

On the other hand, the news is that Facebook itself is developing virtual reality glasses for Meta, which the wearer will be exposed to the 3D environment of Facebook. But it may take a few years for Metaverse to become as common as Facebook


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