MIUI 13 Release Date | Top 7 Features of MIUI 13 | MIUI 13 Updates

MIUI 13 will released in all countries as soon as Q1 2022 (Jan to Mar).


Let’s see if MIUI13 has them, but first, let’s discuss the design. Xiaomi has released MiSans, an independent design that I like. It is available in both English and Chinese. You’ll enjoy that it seems. 

Dynamic Widgets  

New dynamic widgets have also been introduced; these were previously available but are now dynamic. If it’s raining, the widget will show that it’s raining. Reminder widgets are a new feature that may be used to remind you to drink water, etc. 


There are 50 new wallpapers, but some of them are amazing. 

For example, the blossoming wallpaper will show flowers blooming when you unlock the phone. These wallpapers were allegedly shot in 8K time-lapse and then converted into wallpaper, according to them. 

Privacy Protection  

I’m not sure if the privacy option will be available in Pakistan, although it is available in Chinese variants. 

Normally in face unlock it only captures your face so if you have a twin, they might be able to unlock it too. However, this version, also scans your body characteristics above the waist, increasing your privacy. 

Fraud Protection  

When you visit a website or download an app that may contain malware, fraud protection is activated. 

So, they have created a special database through which they match the data and are aware of the malware.  

And this feature is inbuilt in MIUI13.  

Private Watermark  

the private watermark feature may be available in Pakistan. In this function, when you transfer sensitive information, Documents or your ID, for example, will be watermarked automatically so that the information is not misused. 

As a result, the documents will be sent with a watermark, which I found to be a useful feature. Because the variant we have is not a stable build, I am unable to present all of this in B-rolls; however, the stable version will include these features. 

Magic Center  

The whole Xiaomi ecosystem, including the TV, Mi Home, and other connected features, should be available. 

But if you have the whole ecosystem, there’s a good feature in which you can watch videos on TV. You may drag the icon on TV and it will display on your TV if you watch it on your phone. With a simple drag, you can listen to music on Mi home. 

The feature is called Mi Magic Centre, there’s no magic in this smartness for sure. So, when I compare this to MIUI12, the privacy and performance are fantastic, but there are a lot of issues. Have been improved in terms of performance. One thing I observed in Xiaomi 12 was that the system apps’ advertising was not sent. 

Because Xiaomi already has a lot of third-party applications, it’ll be interesting to see if the advertising is reduced in Pakistan. 

Eligible Device  

Let’s talk about who will get MIUI 13 in the first wave if you own a phone from the 11 series or a Xiaomi 12

You’ll get the MIUI 13 at priority by Jan end or Feb first week. Talking about the first quarter of the year Jan, Feb & March, along with the 11 series you’ll also get if you have Mi pad.  

Along with the Redmi 10 and 8 series, the Xiaomi 12 and 11 will be eligible in the first quarter. Along with the Redmi 10 and 8 series, the phone will be available in the second and third quarters to the rest of the world. 

So, I’m hoping they don’t waste time on the early access versions and instead focus on fixing the bugs as soon as possible. 

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