How to Blur Background Face in a Video in iPhone & Mobile

A typical compliment is to respect the privacy of the persons in the frame. Furthermore, disclosing such information might have legal ramifications. To avoid this, just obscure the person’s face before uploading the photo or video on social media. You may simply blur faces in a photo on a mobile device. When it comes to video, however, Blur Face in Videos is a difficult task. Of course, you can split video on a PC with high-quality software, but what if you want to split video on a mobile device? Because you have to apply the mosaic and have it followed the person around you, this is generally done with sophisticated desktop software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Tracking, as it’s known, is generally a major issue when editing video on a mobile device, but not with the new app, which does everything for you. Here is the best app for blurring faces in videos, as well as a step-by-step explanation. 

Top Apps to Blur Face in Videos 

It is not easy to edit a video. This, more than any other operation you could want to conduct on your phone, demands a significant amount of computing power. However, with the correct software, obscuring the sharpness of people’s faces in your movies shouldn’t be too difficult. 

  1. Vita 
  1. Putmask 
  1. Snapseed 
  1. Mosaic Pixlate Censor Photo 

How to Blur Your Face in Videos: A Step-by-Step Guide 


  • Install the Vita application on your smartphone. 
  • Start the app and select the New Project option. 
  • Choose the video where you wish the face or object to be blurred. 
  • Then touch “More” and then “Mosaic tab.” 
  • The Mosaic Tab will include two tabs: Pixel and Blur. Select a style for the kind you wish to add. 
  • Using the slider, modify the blur or pixel density, then click the checkmark button.  
  • By sliding the boundaries of the green bar that symbolizes chronological camouflage, you may adjust the size of the green bar to cover the duration of the video you wish to blur. 
  • Start the blur at the opening of the video or wherever you want it to begin. By dragging the blur to the face, you wish to blur, you can easily move it. 
  • On the bottom bar, click the “Keyframe” button. 
  • A yellow diamond will be added to the timeline when you play the video, shifting the blur as the item moves. 
  • Similarly, change the blur as the subject moves during the video to keep it fuzzy. The blur timeline has multiple diamonds, each of which represents a change in motion. 
  • Finally, select “Export” to save the movie to your computer. 


PutMask is a fantastic tool that makes splitting faces a breeze. It’s available for free on the Google Play Store. Here’s how to use Putmask to blur your face in videos: 

  • In your mobile phone, open Putmask. 
  • Tap Video mode in pixels from the main menu, then choose a video saved locally on your phone. If you want to trim the video clip, you can do so now; otherwise, or after that, click Continue to import the video. 
  • PutMask can detect and track any faces in your films automatically. Keep in mind, though, that automatic recognition only occurs for the frame of the movie from where you’re starting. 
  • To put it another way, adjust the playback head to where the faces you want to blur appear in the video. Tap Face Detection and let the app handle the video from there. However, additional faces will not be recognized by that first scroll if they appear in the frame after this time in the video. To do so, drag the play head to a point in the movie when any more faces you wish to blur appear, then click Detect Faces once again. 
  • When the face recognition is finished, numbered rectangles will appear over any faces in the frame. When you click on the faces you wish to clip out, a black and green grid will appear in the fields. Leave any faces unmarked if you don’t want to cut them. 

Select the Export tab (to the right of the Edit tab) directly below the video, then click the Export button in the lower-left corner of the screen. When the processing is finished, you’ll see a split video! 


It’s a video editing app that also has a blur feature. This app was created specifically for you if you want to blur your face or whatever. On an iPhone, you may use Snapseed to blur faces in sections of a movie. 

  • On your smartphone, launch Snapseed Editor.  
  • You’ll now need to select a file from your gallery to import.  
  • After you’ve uploaded it, you may give it any effect you like.  
  • You may alter the video’s color and backdrop.  
  • If you want to trim a section of the video, you may do it by going to the Tools menu and choosing the Crop option.  
  • To blur the face of your movie, go to the Tools menu and select Lens Blur.  
  • There are two types of blurs to select from: linear and circular blur.  
  • Cover your face to obscure it; concealing your face might also affect your skin tone. 

Mosaic Pixlate Censor Photo 

Mosaic Pixlate is a solid candidate if you’re seeking software that can perform your video blurring and editing for you. 

Other effects, such as Color and Pixelate, can be used to make your video appear more relevant. This tool is one of the greatest face blur apps when it comes to blurring and blurring the face. 

  • You won’t need much to obscure your face in a video because the interface is so simple. Simply download it and open it on your Android device. 
  • Now you must pick the length of the video where you want the face to be blurred. After you’ve made your choice, you’ll see four alternatives at the bottom of the screen. 
  • You may now blur your face in the video using four different choices. If you use mosaic, it will clog up your appearance and make it look less attractive. 
  • And if you use the blur option, it will transform into a wonderful and gorgeous blur of the face. You may also use the ‘Reset and Black’ option to suit your tastes. 

After you’ve blurred the face’s clarity, you’ll need to save the file by clicking the “Save” icon. 

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